Hogs Part 1

This hog decided to play rugby on poor pump attendants .
1st victim an old man was the 1st to be tackled to the ground twice and he never stood up. The hog went on.

2nd victim acted like the hero Chuck Norris. He was tackled 2 times despite giving the hog a thorough beating. My favorite moment was he was being tackled left and right behind the pillar without the camera capturing and next thing you see is the guy flying to the ground . What happened behind the pillar in those 10 seconds no one knows- was he begging for mercy or was the hog on its two feel delivering life ending blows ? Will leave that to God to be the witness …:D:D:D

After the rampage, all attendants cleared the way ready for the hog to have a touchdown/trial .

I’d rather be attacked by a snow leopard than this voracious creature . :D:D


Vile huyo msee amepewa spear round ya piling, no one dared get closer.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D such a joy watching grown men getting beat by a warthog

mzae huna kakitu ya kuishia shimo la busaa?
wekelea paybill kama peasant wa LA @FieldMarshal CouchP
tutatoa kitu huwezi watch cartoons on a sartuday tukiona

Wafrika ni bonobos tu. Si kila mtu ange take cover behind the pillars where you can turn the other way when it charges at you since breaking and turning seeming to be its underbelly.
Halafu saa hio silaha ni nzito hadi kuinua yet prop is charging at a speed of 120km/hr.

Pumba anapinga watoto wa Njoki bila jokes

These things kill

Hii kitu naskiaga ikitaka matunda kwa mti, inaenda 1-2km away from the tree, inakuja na speed of light inagonga hio mti header musuri matunda inamwagika

Poor animal! All it wants is to get away. These idiots should just have alerted KWS which is less than 3km away to come dart the animal and take it away. But bonoboz ni bonoboz tuu…

That must be a rhino

Like I said, most villagers base their thinking on wishful theories whilst matters on the ground is completely different. KwS will take eternity to solve the issue. Pale Narok majamaa waliteswa weeks on end na stray leopard, KWS hawakuwahi saidia. Mpaka wakaua iyo leopard.


Maximum respect to 130kg of pure blubber/lard…

Bonobo were determined Kula hio nyama.

Children books lied to us. They said warthogs are timid.

Hii ni nguruwe ya msituni bana. Wild pork cannot ram a tree