Hoe phase & yours truly

22nd-28th Oct Nairobian newspaper. Plantation, dating or engaged. The woman you claim to be yours truly is receiving advice on hoeing, wababaz, soft life and only fans from her close circle. And by the time you’ll wake up to realize, mileage itakuwa kama ya a cream coloured KAA 001A Isuzu TX 1992 lorry.

Very true. Wengi wametolewa ocha na kuolewa jiji,three years down in the plantation,yeye ndo anapeana coordinates kwa lanye

And you wonder why there are so many single mothers :D:D

Mwanamke atasoma hiyo article, aingie hoe phase, atoke na mtoto ama watoto na a whole album of instagram photos, halafu akigonga 30 aanze kuuliza “where are all the good men?”

“Its the Hoedacity that works well here”

Wueeh enyewe dunia imebadilika kwa wanawake. Umaraya tupu!
Let them slay, wakipachikwa mimba & get dumped. Washana Singo matha na tabu zake, akuwe tu wa kutulizia wanaume nyege wakiingia Nyasi. Wanabaki wamelea gaidi kama @Badass kazi tu nikusumbua sumbua wananchi na uwizi na Ushoga.
Mwishowe retirement wanabaki wakiwa Mama mboga pale mtaani.

mama ya homosexual illiterate maskini @PHARMACY ni singo madha malaya huuza kuma chafu 50 bob pale mlolongo. no wonder kijana ni bottom homosexual

Gazeti siku hizi hunikalia strange sana. The last time I held a physical newspaper must have been about three years ago.

Misery loves company. Acha huyo atumie kinembe kutafuta pesa bila kuharibu waschana

Wewe hata umejaribu. Last time niliguza gazetti hata sikumbuki

Utapata mwenye kuandika hii article hajaolewa, ni singo matha mwenyewe ama ameolewa na hawes jaribu/ hajawai fanya hii upuss na ako busy trying to advise other women. Wanawake ni tofauti si kila mmoja anataka kula kila mti atapatana nayo , wengine vice versa na wengine wanangoja harusi. Kila mmoja ana formula yake ndo maana nliacha kununua gazeti sikuizi ni kama unasoma tru love & other brain damaging material.

I have preached this many times here but people think am joking. To be on the safe side, marry an ex slut who is done with her hoe phase.

Hio stage dem akiruka she will experience it ata akiwa na 50yrs. Am friends with a middle aged nyanye on FB and the photos she posts are disgusting for a woman her age. I can clearly see she missed the hoe stage. I know you’ve seen such too in social media.

I have also been with two married women who claimed to have been married immediately after form 4. I know wanawake hawafanani lakini kama ni khupipi unatafuta, look for one mwenye amejibamba akatosheka.

True. Naona unaelewa. Many here naona are pissed that they can settle with a woman who has a higher body count than them.

This is so misleading…but then again it’s another media company trying to gain popularity by writing controversial topics…Why would one destroy their body with alcohol, smoking weed and sleeping with strangers as long as you are "protecting yourself’ as said in the article…as for me I promised myself siezi oa Dem amepitiwa na majamaa ama does drugs after seeing what happens in campuses in my first week there…Mimi husema as long as what you are doing is right (for example helping the needy) you don’t need to justify it

D is/was not an attractive girl, sloppy, unkempt
Shocked she has the audacity to write such articles


They are going for shock value ndio angalau wapate readers juu nobody reads/buys githeri media BS anymore. Hii ni click bait tu

Same here… especially since they stopped wrapping meat with newspapers I haven’t touched one for ages.

I don’t understand how the editors actually allowed this article to be printed.
Ezekiel Mutua is busy condemning gays while an idiot here is telling women that whoring is okay ?

Ati a period where a woman doesn’t give a damn about what happens in her life ?!
Hello Aids and STD’s , Hello Gang rape , Hello drug addiction, Hello fatherless bastards.

There’s no honor in journalism anymore.

I happened to read a newspaper last Saturday after close to five years. The experience felt so weird.


just because your friends are prostitutes and immoral does not mean every woman wants to be like that… this hoe phase is introduction to HIV and STIs… everything has consequences…