Hodi.. Welcoming Party

Good people,
Ebu nikaribisheni haraka.
I have many serious things to post.
Please send all the keti pale chairs n silly stuff, I’ll not need them when I start enriching brains here.

Unasumbua…toka nje urudi

@Waitherero unasumbua

@Jirani jinga

@ kush yule mnono…wewe ni mwenda. I happily clicked on an alert ‘seyying’ you mentioned me and I thought you were updating me about your holiday. As a matter of fact I was so excited to note that you were still thinking about me while surrounded by all those beauties in NBO. Kufika hapa, I find you mentioned my alter ego Waitherero and it still registered as Ms FW. Maajabu kweli. I don’t own this thread.

Lakini, maybe we should bounce back Bae? I was so upset and emotional last night when I learnt that you flew out without me to a 'rurashio? ’ and I apologise for that, what I did not do or know of.
In the meantime, pls visit Jergen’s safisha macho thread again…I see you were there already. Now, that is what I am always talking about. Those abs, those abs na mengine mengi.

Jeeeso… He flew in for your ruracio without you or your knowledge @Miss Finest Wine

Naona @kush yule mnono umeanza kufikiria kama ngamia za Abdul… Does unvle Thio know?


@ It’s Le Scumbag. You must have missed his thread yesterday inviting me to meet him somewhere in NBO. Thread titled Earlier today??? Dude was ‘announcing to me’ that he flew from UAE to NBO for a rurashio and even invited me, waaat??? knowing I am miles away and clueless, whose rurashio?. Ukifuata hiyo thread, you will understand my ‘pain’. But I am still begging back as all stupid women do. I am still holding up @kush yule mnono .

I am actually thinking he created this new thread to ‘reach out’ to me…else why is Waitherero handle reverting to my Fine Wine. Haki nitauliza @Deorro how this works. Sinyiti.

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Damn girl!! You need a good dick utulie uwache kiherehere


@Deorro, @kush yule mnono promised it many times. He did not deliver. So am I supposed to sit in the corner quietly? I just answered a question. Deem Dude. I click on Waitherero it leads me to Miss Fine Wine, just try it.

Karibu NV


How did Kush tag Waitherero amd it landed at my FW?

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Derailment manenos :D:D:D

just a lil trick


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Thengiu @Deorro

Naaa @Deorro.

niaje Miss Finest Changaa. Leo inakumbambia wapi?

@ Deorro…huku tuu. Niko sawa. Looong w/e. last weekend.


Naa not all weekends. Once in while. As a matter of fecti? I am about to go ‘fetch’ my wanking Teen nephew from the gym down the road. And then speak to his Mum/Dad kesho…I want it to be a positive convo.

Like I said tomorrow/weekend is a big do for Manchester Town so I feel sad that MY Usher, will be in town and can’t watch him.

Napenda huyu dem wa wain