Hizo Story Za Ethiopians Being Solomon's Descendants Might Be True


Even Luhyas claim to be Israel’s 42nd lost tribe

These documentaries are awesome. Just watched all 8 of them last week. The Dogon and the Nubia ones are really interesting. The Zimbabwe one is a doozy.

And another from NatGeo Bible Mystries claimed there were no records of Solomon and anywhere apart from the bible.

Maragolis are from Misri(Egypt).

Ethiopians are descendants of other Ethiopians, that an Ethiopian whore might have had sex with a jewish king/fisi does not make all Ethiopians thereafter his descendants

acheni wivi kama mlitoka Congo forest…

Even kikuyus alleges to be the lost tribe …a scholar by the name Dr Kamitha usually brings a program in local FM radio about the same.

The Kale’s claim to be the biblical moabites.


[ATTACH=full]56916[/ATTACH] jaluo pia Sisi tunaona kuwa long lost descendants wa Yule jama alitandika Ile Saitan Goliath Na mawe donge !

Did Solomon really exist?
No writings by the surrounding kingdoms of Assyria, Mesopotamia, Persia say anything about Solomon, and his famed wisdom. But a few other Kings of Judah/Israel are mentioned in Babylonian, Persian, Assyrian and Egyptian chronicles.

According to this thread all Kenyan tribes wako na low self esteem :frowning:

All of them trying to associate with Middle Easterns. Pathetic.

Have any of you even watched the documentary?
The claim is investigated using architectural designs, not oral history.

so everyone wants to be associated with Israel laa sivyo hawataenda heaven? tsk tsk tsk

Please tuwekee hizo links pia sisi tujibambe. .

This is the playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhzqSO983AmGPdfr8tqExX4GY1CHGr7bX







Asante of Ghana




Berbers of Morocco