Hizi trailer hubeba nini wadau

Seen one 40ft with armed chasers / escorts of more than 5 LC’s…nini hua ndani @pamba …ama ni razerblades:D

unga ya mkubwa

picha my fren

Nimeskia ni pesa za CBK ama vitu za KOFC

Guess ni steel

somethings you are better off not knowing, kwanza if you notice that the container is on a low loader and also secured with chains across, and it has multiple escorts… keep your distance

([SIZE=2]but thats the real run that nikushas kitunguu from here to siberia and back [/SIZE])

Whats KOFC

passport ya yule jamaa alichapwa equator hadi canada.

Kenya Ordnance Factory… KDF factory for manufacturing bullets

Ile factory hutengeneza bullets Eldoret.

There is this time I was walking home from work pale stage ya drive-in. Kufika hapo De la Rue, a group of guys came running from behind us, causing a stampede. Those red berets hapo kwa gate cocked their guns and ordered all us to sit down with hands on our heads. Tulijitetea aje. They told us tumefanya ujinga Sana coz tungekufa hio siku.

Ooh. Actually spotted it there,kwa highway

Huwa znaonekana wapi?

Mwau musitooo

Some of them zinakuwanga ivory ama mnyama flani kama ndovu!


ivory recovered from dead eles is escorted by KWS or airlifted, and relocation of live wildlife is done on open semis

Think think my friend think…

hahahaha, i know exactly what @The.Black.Templar meant :D:D

but i also realized that something else similar also happens :D:D:D

weka a caricature juu sidhani kapicha ulipiga

There are some 20 elephants zilikuwa to be transported to Tsavo …