Hiyo haga wangapi?



Huyu Mayoyo hukaa simp in real life.

Its all fun and games with these fat asses until you meet one with poor hygiene habits. Then and there you turn around and become saved.

Tupatie hekaya omwami.

Venye @Nyadist anasema

it’s all fun and games until akuliwe dem real life aanze kutulilia. Keep displaying your girlfriend like a piece of meat, eventually someone will bite.

Hehe true.Keep off fat asses and women with talons.Both can’t reach their sehemu nyeti.

Especially these yello yello. Fuck I was the biggest fat ass fan around until nikakutana na moja. Nowadays I am saved. I only chase after normal woman.

Alikuwa ananukisha kinyambis during doggie ama ni senye ilikuwa ngori?


Post zako zime improve from gaaay to straight

I suspect juu niliona a familiar face.

Nani ana number ya huyu anirushie?


Na huyu:


Hii inakaa mali fulani ilikua pale Good Hope na VIP. Phat Ass is overated. I once got saved after kupigwa na uvundo mpaka mapua ikablock had to buy Rob ya 20

These big booty ladies are also very lazy. Only good for one night

Wanakaa kuwa na kazi mob. Kupanua butt cheeks while you pump.

There is a difference between fat which tends towards obese and phat which is a big ass on a well proportioned body.

here are the runners-up:


Uko na time yote ya kuscreen shot izi? We are talking about fat ass.

I use my time as I please


:stuck_out_tongue: sasawa