Hivisasa Closing Down...? Never Heard Of Them!

Digital media house on Wednesday, January 29, announced the closing down of its news production unit after six years of operations, consequently sending its writers home.


The media house, which prides itself on having had a steady audience of two million monthly readers, cited failure to identify a viable advertisement-led business model, as the reason for the unprecedented closure.

Founder and CEO, Chloe Spoerry, stated that the decision had been arrived at to allow the company ‘explore new ideas and opportunities’. (owned by Mobile Web Limited) set itself apart from mainstream news publishers by engaging the services of thousands of citizen journalists in the counties as opposed to hiring trained reporters - in an attempt to amplify the less-covered stories from the grassroots.

The company then hired trained journalists as editors to evaluate stories submitted by citizen journalists in the counties - among them student-journalists in media schools - and stationed them at a Nairobi office. The publication would offer a Ksh100 stipend to the contributors for each story submitted and found fit for publishing.

The quest would prove successful as the active pages grew from a few counties to 10 (Nakuru, Kiambu, Machakos, Kisii, Nyamira, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu, Garissa, Mombasa and Kibera (Nairobi)) in 2015 after which the expansion to other counties seems to have been abandoned.

100 bob pee story?? No wonder they are closing down

Just another mharo, they won’t be missed.

Never heard of them.
It’s just like a tree falling in a forest.

So naweza chukua hiyo domain and use it?

:D:D:D:D No creative mind there from you, bro…Come up with your own…Don’t be a parasite… :stuck_out_tongue:

Already curated audience,google ranking plus social media.why start all over while iko hapo,they just had high expectations

Hivi Sasa was great for local news. Hopefully another localist site will come by.