Hiv test

But since they are not your main chics how can you tell where they have been? in short kubali you are not safe either.

The lady can be negative, however, kuna STI anaweza kuku infect nayo, bado hajafanya test as STI ndio ujue uko risk free

why go through all that trouble while having multiple sexual partners , weka derex fetherlite mpangoni , feels like law and you wont have to worry about such

Let me tell you a secret…in our women circles, we run away from men who shout about their sexual prowess. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

sawa mimba ,syphilis gonorrhea ,herpes ,hpv ,hepatatitis etc some are incurarble

What a woman says is a complete opposite what she does.They always say this but their actions are different. So far so good

I also wonder what Okello wondered

After mimba, comes the joyous child support for 18 goddamn years. Hahahaha

Mimba siko ndani…karura forest is nearby.she becomes single mum she is fucked for life…hapa ktalk we never look twice at single mums

Nope I am a woman and I know what I am talking about. We are not derailing your post. We are trying to understand your sex life which you so readily put out here.

Wadau just called the clinic and the results are genuine…asanteni.
Safisha masho pics loading …

Huyo ni mtu wa cyber.
LIA (luwere in advance)

Umafwi Juvenile tucker tucker thread

Homosexual uza mkundu without kunukisha my thread …vaa Pampers

Thiem…I am quite surprised that people still live this way in 2020. How come those girls don’t demand a HIV test from you as you do?

They cannot dare…or I block their ass.Living in abundance mentality when dealing with women is so nice…and ALWAYS works

And yet you don’t support them in any way? hukukutana na cicha ngumu kama mimi… haki wacha niendelee na maombi which is that I hope I never conceive a daughter ever. And continue hoping my beloved nieces heed my advice.

Patient information is highly confidential, NOBODY who is proffesional can give your another persons result bila their consent, even if it’s negative

Plot twist, if they give you her result, she can sue the facility plus you, and that’s a case she can easily win

Kulana na quality condom ukulane siku mingi. It is a shame ukikufa juu ya a hoe from the streets.