Hiv test

Wadau I did a Rapid HIV test on this chic like three weeks ago and she was negative. Anataka rematch but nilimshow niko Nairobi but naeza teremka this monday
Anyway I dont trust this result she is sending me.Any doctors who can confirm this?

That’s her handwriting.

Uko na umama sana. Why dont you go for the test together? Badala ya kutusumbua hapa kila siku na huu upuzi? Kanono mama wewe.

manze…hata haina stamp…nimecheki kuna no. ya clinic i will just have to confirm by call

i once got Rapid Hiv Kits nyingi at a discount…it is my requirement before i fuck i test the woman. Perosnally i have never done the Hiv test and am not ready

:D:D:D:D:eek::eek:. Nilijua kuna kitu mahali

Which clinic is this that can give out results to strangers?

The fact that you feel the need to subject others to tests you are not ready to do is actually v telling.

Let’s mbisha nijue kama ako nayo

she sent the picture of the test result after she got it

surely i cant test positive if the woman i just fucked twice in a month comes out negative.If you are a woman and you really NEED my mjulus lasma nikutest

You said you were going to ring them. Are they allowed to give you someone’s results?

Yep…just to confirm the genuinty of the results…otherwise they will be liable to hefty prosecution in case they hide that

Warped reasoning. Then you should not be afraid. You really despise these women. 1st you display them here, then you subject them to HIV testing, then you tell us about it…
Kwani what happened to young Kenyan women? standards must be v low.

Sad. And incase you are planning to go raw, do you know you are still not safe as you don’t know where she has been since the testing?
Count yourself v lucky ati hauko hapa kwangu. It is now mandatory to have a HIV test hata ukiwa mgonjwa wapi. They insisted on it when I had a fracture 2 years ago…

My mjulus is the simple answer to this.Give a woman heavy puthy pounding and she will be ready to climb mountains for you…

Have you never heard of discordant couples? People living together, long-term, and one tests positive, and the other negative? Leave alone this one of yours of two liaisons a month. Remember Jacob Zuma’s rape case? The woman was positive, he was negative…
Long story short, unless you both test together, then you are deluding yourself.

do you understand 90 day window period within which a chic might be positive but test negative due to low levels of antibodies

Window period is 3 to maximum four weeks…I always consider that…I cuurently have two teens pending nangoja hiyo wiki tatu and then take another HIV test

I hope they are 18 and above if not too risky not worth it