HIV test before wedding

Who do churches and pastors insist on HIV test before you hold a wedding ceremony? I had to have one myself otherwise reverend hangetushikanisha. Doesn’t that discriminate against people with HIV? What if someone doesn’t wanna know their status, or one member tests +ve. Kuna wajuaji wanajua hii story?

Five reasons, in order of importance, from the curches perspective, I will give you 4 and 5, go look for the first three. The order varies depending on who is looking at the picture. For someone who turns out HIV positive and one who is HIV negative and insists on marrying the HIV positive person, and the one officiating the wedding, the order is different.
4.The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and get into trouble (prov 27:12)
5. But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.’ (Ezek 33:6)

I like this. You are a wise man.
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You should sue the pastor for the damages coz HIV testing is supposed to be voluntary not mandatory. Huyu dem usioe yeye ndio urudishiwe mahari na interest.
Hapana lalia maskio ng’ondu ino.

This is only necessary for some people who reside in SubSaharan Africa

You had to bring in the ‘big guns verse’,hiv aids was long stigmatized,people have married hiv partners while they are negative and have had children…saa ingine with kidogo science ,life prevails not brimstones and damnation…but meh!

There is a reason why churches refer to the congregation as a flock.

A lot of BS if you ask me, isn’t this suppose to happen if one of both spouses are obese to ? What about for those with chronic health issues ?

I asked the Bishop of the Church i attend why it was necessary to have the test, i’d tell i got him by surprise, for He wasn’t able to give any meaningful answer. Which left me thinking the motives to these tests were sinister.

You are asking what you know and the answer is clear: the churches do not want you to marry a HIV positive person and if in case you will, you need to know and come to terms with it.

Not many virgin people are HIV+ & in fact if there is even one (who was born with it or got it through blood donation etc) they are very rare and the church knows that.

The church knows that HIV is spread through immorality and sex before marriage is not allowed.

The devil is trying to attack the church more by allowing egalitarianism views like these anti-discrimination campaigns. Soon you will here the church should not discriminate against LGBT.

They are not discriminating against them, the church is simply just telling them: you’re not part of us. And if they want to be, they need to seek for prayers and repent their sins and follow the way of God

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mwizi wa Tecno meza ARVs faithfully ama udedi b4 hessy wa kayole akuangushe

Yaani kondoo

Contradiction jo:D:D. Anyway,quick question WWJD? [SIZE=1]hint:-he saved a prostitute from stoning…a prostitute!![/SIZE]

Church weddings are for simps. Huwezi tingiza kitanda

It’s part of the counseling process before wedding. It’s very important to confirm that the couple have been tested and know their partner’s HIV status. What the couple do with the results is up to them.

The role of the church in modern marriages is becoming very complex and rather undefined as to whether it is pastoral, social or political.

Pale Nigeria they ask for sickle cell status because the disease has caused plenty of suffering.
In Saudi Arabia, the government will pay for genetic tests for a couple to check if their progeny have an increased risk of congenital abnormalities (a result of too much inbreeding in that country).

If you’re not aware we have a church in Kenya specifically for LGBT, a denomination calling itself “Other Sheep”.

Religion is a repugnant tool used by those in the majority to further their closed-minded ideas and oppress minorities.