There used to be a video that the Ministry of education used to screen for high school students that was very gory. I am looking for it but can’t seem to trace it on YouTube.

Anyone knows where I can find it? Nataka kuonyesha some teens waache mchezo

Ndio hiyo hapo.
Ya mzito Tuju.
Back then when videos used to… Dat file extensions.
That video tulionyeshwa tukiwa prima. Made me avoid girls and mboches.

Tunashuku ni bibi kunguru

huyu nugu kile anataka iko kwa vcr:D
@Hydra alikuwa primo 90s
kipii @Unknown Fela alikuwa highschool 2000…
meffi lakini


Was in primo.

Nilikuwa primo banae…nyee zilirudi ndani ya tumbo na zikakwama huko for nearly a decade.

why scar yourself all over again??

[SIZE=4]niliona hio video primary school [/SIZE][SIZE=7] , nikaogopa ukimwi na mal-air[/SIZE]

Wtf… This is a perfect case of mental terrorism.

On the day I had to watch this shit I had a migraine and vomited all over the hall right before it started, very fitting haha

very educative by the way…vile Gen.Z wanakamuana kama sungura without protection na don’t care attitude.