HIV in Garrisa vis a Vis Homabay

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Hombay is a no go zone.
A new report has revealed that Garissa County has no single case of HIV prevalence with Homa Bay leading the pack at 19.6percent.
The study that was conducted between June 2018 and February 2019 showed that Nyanza region had more cases of HIV than the rest of the country.
Kisumu stands at 17.5% while Siaya and Migori are at 15.3% and 13.0% respectively, according to the Kenya Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (KENPHIA) 2018.
The study found that the national HIV prevalence was found to be 4.9% which means that Nyanza region is way above the average.
North Eastern region reported lowest prevalence with the region showing less than 0.2%.
Nairobi is at 3.8%, Mombasa 5.6%, Nyeri 5.1%, Uasin Gishu 5.5%, Kajiado 4.6%, Turkana 6.8% and Kiambu 1.1%
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The report further notes that 1.3million (4.9%) adults are living with HIV while 139,000 (0.7%) children are living with the virus.
“HIV prevalence was twice as high among women at 6.6% (95% CI: 6.0%-7.1%), compared to men at 3.1% (95% CI: 2.7%-3.5%),” the study found.

Kenya has the fifth-largest number of persons living with HIV in the world, and HIV continues to be a leading cause of adult morbidity and mortality.
34,610 individuals participated in survey across the country: 27,897 were aged between 15-64 years and 6,713 were children aged between 0-14 years.

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I know a nurse who was working yhere. So nikamuuliza si huwa wanakulana DF sana. He told me the place probably has the highest hiv rate in Kenya. But the hospital bosses always cover up that shit to cleanse their Muslims
Same case with lamu. People would rther rot to death at home tan go to hospital and sign up for ARVs. Sad but true, they’re dying mercilessly at home

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This study was done through statistically designed thus objective HOME testing so the issue of not going to hospital does not affect the results.Read on KENPHIA study to understand. What affected the study were refusal to be tested especially in north eastern. Most other parts were compliant.

am still surprised by some of the findings and hope to see more follow up on this. The high prevalence in nyeri vs low in kiambu doesn’t add up for me

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