Nmeprickiwa leo so swezi jua outcome

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So, magic Johnson akakuja hapa atolewe damu na syringe iwekwe hadharani for even a full minute you’d then confidently inject said blood into your vein?!

Naendea peps kesho, I don want to risk…

Luwere squad iko wapi?

Andika will

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D you’ve won the Internet

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28 days, jitayarishe, kuharisha after 14 days.

What may kill you is hiv phobia, that what you are suffering from. That what you need to seek help to eliminate. The only way you can be infected is if

  1. He hiv positive
  2. He was pricked by the same wire
  3. The wire was still wet with his blood when it pricked you
    That is a very low probability, actually lower than being killed in an accident
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My friend peps drugs ain’t no joke. That shit will ferk up your system for a whole month. You need to be sure the nigga who got pricked first is hiv positive. No doctor will recommend pep hivyo tu unless the risk is high.

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Hauwezi pewa pep bila kupimwa


One month of nightmares and PMS

do you know you’re at higher risk of getting HIV if you engage in anal sex?

I will wait for Georgina, she must have an opinion on this. A strong one.

An electrical wire is unlike getting pricked by a contaminated hollow bore needle, which carries a rate of 20% HIV transmission. If that ever happens to you again first thing you should do is wash with copious soap and water before anything else. If contaminated blood were to enter your eye also wash with lots of water then go see a doc. By my estimates uko poa, assuming his viral load is low enough that he can handle physical tasks at work .

Mcooshite! Sweep of the century. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


unicorn niaje?

I thought hupewa for 28 days. Hii ya 3days ni ipi?
Halafu on kupimwa first, what if uko na HIV na upewe pep?

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What the fuck are you waiting for idiot? Unafaa kuwa umeanza PEP tayari:mad::mad:

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Nachukua kesho, I was home for holidays, ni interior

Am traveling tomorrow, I might still get an accident :frowning:

Can I, take alcohol when still on PEPs??