HIV, CORONA, SARS, EBOLA Are All Gene Edited Viruses To Control Global Population

All these viruses you see cropping up in the 20th and 21st Centuries have been artificially altered by some evil scientists working for the elite 0.1%. These are the Billionaires of this world such as Gill Gates, Michael Dell, George Soros, Warren Buffet and the rest. Their eventual aim is to have the entire global population to be only 500 Million persons (Half a billion).

This book authored by William Cooper (Former US Air-force Lieutenant Colonel ) talks about many crimes against humanity perpetrated the US millitary and HIV and how it was spread in West Africa in 1967 through tainted vaccines.

Here is a pdf of the book.

America is MOST Evil Empire to have EVER existed on earth WORSE than Sodom. From a FORMER USAF pilot.
Download and read it: [B][/B]

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Download it from here also.
Behold a Pale Horse PDF – Bill Cooper | rdgable

Numbers for is more money for the rich. Why should they want to reduce populations?

Upuss. The rich want to capture a bigger market for their products. Thats why all companies are rushing to china coz these guys are like 30% of humanity

So why should they kill of the chinese?

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The top 1% have no incentive whatsoever of controlling the population.

Would they fund the development of a virus? Yes.

Would the motive be population control? No. It would be profit.

How? Patenting and selling the antidote. Basically, it is racketeering - creating a problem and then charging people to solve it.

I believe that governments, not individuals, have an incentive to control the population and to use viruses as biological weapons (in times of war) and economic weapons (in times of peace like currently). Maybe HIV was developed to make third world nations dependent on first world nations. For example, if the US developed HIV, and then offered its citizens free ARVs and massive public education about the virus, then used the ARVs as leverage against African nations. “Give us this contract/agree to these terms of trade/accept democracy or else you can forget about free ARVs” —> something like that.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the Corona virus emerged in China when it is having an economic war with the USA??? My guess is, an American company will have the cure, and the US government will give it to China for “free” after the Chinese come to the negotiating table and agree to certain terms of trade.

big pharma, create new deadlier diseases for more profits

Bill Gates actually cautioned the world about this virus in 2018 and 2019.

I don’t know about the rest, but I am convinced that the HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. It is a propaganda disease, hammered down our throats through media campaigns. The existence of HIV/AIDS is predicated upon media campaigns, hence why there is always an annual budget for ‘HIV/AIDS awareness’. The so-called HIV tests react to proteins that certain people have naturally (hence the inexplicably high HIV rates in places like southern africa and nyanza). And/or they react to certain proteins that people acquire over time due to various cellular stresses. Hence why you have people who have lived very promiscous lives, yet they consistently test -ve even as others who have lived very restrained lives test +ve… It will perhaps surprise you to learn that everyone tests +ve on the elissa test when it is run undiluted. It will also perhaps surprise you to learn that the criteria for interpreting western blot in kenya is different from the criteria for interpreting western blot in, say, uk. meaning that you can revert to being hiv -ve by just buying an air ticket from jkia to heathrow… the topic stinks once you start understanding it.

And that’s why Africans and Chinese are natural allies against Western tyranny but many Africans can’t put 2 and 2 togetjer

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What if it’s mother natures doing? A fault of our actions as humans, we have basically destroyed the planet. I am not a scientist but I’m pretty sure a temperature rise can cause mutations. What if this is just the beginning and there are more to come? What happens when prehistoric viruses frozen in the permafrosts emerge? New diseases unheard of by mankind? Is it earth fighting back? The rate at which humanity is racing towards earths saturation point is wanting.

@_theRAPIST, wacha kurape hii idea and make it something its not.

These plagues have happened throughout history and is nothing new

Global warming just like recessions is about wealth redistribution bankers and central bankers have become involved.