I think Ive hit the wall but for some reason I still get people hitting on me and am like I thought once I hit the wall bana I can be left alone , just yesterday I was with this very young guy, very tall and that face width to height ration and the big eyes and big lips that used to be my thang. Nowadays frankly I could be next toooo who is the equivalent of the hottest man on the planet? Imagine, I have no clue who, thats how much I done hit the damn wall, like a mermaid could be next to me and frankly I couldnt care less. One of the things I was really looking forward to once I hit the wall was for once in my life to be somewhat incognito and just treated like a normal human being not a sex object or whatever it is when men you dont know from a can of paint be calling you murembo. Ati muremboooo am like wtf? Do you know I can be your moda? What Id love to hear is Ma’am -music to my ears but it just never comes. Can you imagine one day Im driving in CBD and some two very young guys knock the widow and one says, marry me?Am like for the love of whatever you hold sacred, cant yall see I hit the wall a very long time ago. Ok. Maybe I should understand, Ive hit the wall agewise but they done hit the wall financially, which do you think is harder on the person? Im so tired of being hit on , being a woman is hard work yall even after you hit the wall like me, no peace, no invisibility. Im thinking of wearing the moslem garb now. Im getting too old for this. I dress conservatively. I have certainly not just hit the damn wall but the roof and this being hit on is not letting up. Frankly, I now understand these moslem with their garb ,men can really be buggerboos. Leave me the fuck alone. Ive not just hit the wall, Im actually hitting the roof if not the sky,look for women your own age.


Ive seen you in person, You’re not all that. But siezi mind ukinipea iyo kimee yako nikule

Damn straight. Am all that and a bag of chips… buh sometyms I really do wish I wasnt but it helps with the cops a great deal ,you just squint your eyes and afande anaingia kwa gari ,its all the riff raff I want out the way.

How old are you? The wall requires specific digits to be tallied.

One word to describe you - OLD

Yes , very old, ancient, fossil, relic, dinosaur name it, why yall dont respect the aged anymore. I thought the wall would liberate me buh not yet . Infact am so old Ive hit the sky, hata sio wall ama roof. Am tired of this juvenile shit.

Ata mani chafu huzima mwoto

We of the young generation are watching too much milf porn

they are members of kilimani mums and have seen all the horny milfs opening up there.

Must be that time…

We all know women enjoy and crave attention.
There’s one who told me she enjoyed the attention from younger guys since it confirmed she was still attractive.
Quit the pretence and enjoy it while it lasts.
It’s only a few years to go then you start donning that women’s guild head scarf and by then no man will be showing any sexual interest in you.


Some people are lazy nowadays. How you dress can tell how much you have in your account. I suggest you start puting on rugs, you certainly will get what you are looking for.

Ama is it that you have gathered enough relationship experience; watu sikuizi hawataki kusumbuliwa na wascha wadogo

for what … menopause???

So they think I will sponsor them??? Good luck with finding someone who will. Its a thankless job ask Mbugua who married Wambui Otieno the late.

Where’s the one for hitting the roof, feel like am now at the roof headed to the sky

Nothing is more exciting than sexy milf. Quit whining it’s never going to end.

I once hit one milf they are the sweetest and drama free than this matiangi kids

two years ago nilitomba mumama wa 46 years she was cute, monied , tight pussy but nyege mob sanaaa nikamblock since alianza kuni call like twenty times . i confirmed she was 46 years through her account , using her phone number i was able .