Hitler liberated Africa

Despite his evilness, some good can be attributed to Hitler and Germany, and for this, Africa, most of Asia and the South Americas have to be very very greatfull to the Germans. Before world war 2, Europe had a strong grip of its various colonies, virtually the rest of the world. Come WW2, with Germany having conquered most of Europe, Britain declared war on the Germans, with Germany having been so strong at that time, it meant the Brits and what was left of France had to commit everything in this war. The defeat of the Germans left most of Europe very weak, poor and hopeless, in which they couldn’t hold on to their colonies as managing the colonies required resources. A little revolt, here and there in the colonies, led to granting of indipendence. Hence Africa should celebrate Hitler and the Germans alittle. If it wasn’t for these guys, their ambitions to take over the world and for the war(WW2) they caused, there is a great chance we world have been wipped out of this world, save for laboureres that the colonisers would have required, probably all lands in the world would have been white owned. Hence we can attribute a major factor to our freedom to Hitler and Nazism, with the rest i.e. the Mau Mau’s of all the colonized world doing the rest.

Raining heavily in Eldoret

Had hitler not interfered with war plans during the last months of WW2. Whites would have killed each other for several more years

you’ve got to be kidding me, Hitler killed anything non ARYAN !! including black people …and this article has 0% basis

Probably, if it wasn’t for the Americans, Hitler had a good chance if winning, and that for sure would have led to Africans suffering the same fate as Jews.

The Soviets too, I feel their role in weakening Hitler is not give enough credit.

You make me want to laugh at your analysis skills. If Hitler wasn’t as bad as he was, you would have been a laborer or in the reserves or non existent. The cost of that war, with credit to Hitler, made the colonial empires weak, hence they couldn’t sustain their colonial effort, especially with any kind of revolt in the colonies. They had lost alot of men(trained army) and resources in the war. Some credit is due to his ambitions, not him, nonetheless. This article ain’t for praising Hitler and Germany, but to show how lucky we are coz of the side effects of his intentions.

Yes, and the soviets too, but you shouldn’t forget they had a pact with Hitler, even though Hitler later on reneged on it.

Hitler was dwy fwy’d by one Stalin. The rest was side shows, like Churchill bombing an already felled Germany. Hao wengine frm across the Atlantic(wale walilemewa na ango Ho Chi Minh ) should respect that fact.

Lakini pia the Japanese were relentless and they also caused a lot of suffering in the Far East.

Had Harry truman not been quick at the trigger a looming battle was in the offing as the Soviets had started to push eastwards… hapa ndio mwanaume angejulikana. Yanks denied the world a quality battle.

The colonies were already becoming a money drain for the Europeans by the time the World War came. Remember kulikuwa na World War 1 already. They were losing the more profitable colonies of India and the Americas.

The Europeans came up with other ways to hold onto the colonies, as you would expect. Now America and USSR were the powers and they had new ideas of subjugating people. I think you know these means of neocolonialism

Nazi soldiers included Pakistani, Indian and even black soldiers .

After the war, U.S took the steering wheel in forming a new world economic order, hapa ndio coloniliasts waliambiwa in no uncertain terms hio mambo iishe. Britain and France had closed off their colonies matters trade, na U.S ilikuwa inamezea mate that business

Yes, world war one had already happened and the super powers at that time, Britain and France, had been weakened somewhat, but, they still could manage, especially with exploitation of their colonies for food, minerals and other valuables. Remember they were still rebuilding their resources, after WW1, thats why they were afraid of declaring war with Germany earlier, but were forced to when it was only the Brits standing and Germans went after them, only to fail cross the english channel.

Yes, after the horrors of what Hitler had committed and the costs of war. Guys started corperating i.e. the many unions after, with the Russians and Americans competing to spread their influences and ways of life, i.e. capitalism vs communism. This compe still continues to this day and was the cause of the Vietnam war.


The Americans dropped the bombs to finish the war, thereby preventing the Russians joining them in finishing off the Japs. Had they not done so, we could probaby have had the same situation as is in the Koreas, i.e. North and South Japan.

Yeah, Vietnam was a very bloody war. America lost heavily in that war, they underestimated the resolve of their enemy.

Haha, Hitler was a few mikes from capturing Moscow. If he was not spread that thin and had directed his efforts on Russia only, Moscow would have fallen in less than a Month. Remember the Germans had better Air power, faster tanks and very disciplined.