Hit and Run Cases

Yesterday a driver knocked down a pedrestian at nyali bridge, and in the hurry of fleeing he ended up crushing her brains out. (while there was a hospital a few metres away) @Meria Mata can provide the mbisha.

This has been the trend among drivers of late.

I have never had a major accident, but was wondering what should one do in such a situation?

mtu wa boda tu ndio siwezi simama ata wao hawasimami wakikugonga, nimegonga wawili so far though not major accidents…hawa watu ata wakiwa ndio wako na makosa watakuchomea gari ama ata wakuue. Anybody else nitasimama na kama ni major nitapeleka hosi.


As long as it is not deliberate or off the road, bail out of the car and run to a police station or take the person to hospital if it is worthwhile. Fleeing can fuck you up. While on the road you always have an argument out.

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nililewa nikainua mat nyuma ,

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Nani amekuuliza? Mushene kama mmatha. Chieth.

In the case the person dies, what happens next to the driver?
Any legal issues?

Here’s what you should do after you are involved in an accident:
[li]Drivers involved in road accidents should flee the scene if their lives or property is at risk.[/li][li]When you have caused, or have been involved in any road accident, the law says you must stop, help those who might be injured and report to the police as soon as possible within 24 hours.[/li][/ul]
Many motorists fear that it is a criminal offence to leave an accident scene.
[li]However, if the situation is risky and there is threat to your life or property, take off and report the accident at the nearest police station where you can also be protected.[/li][li]It is good to be alert at the scene and be on the lookout for any threats to your life. If possible, mark the position of the vehicle before removing it from the scene to aid investigations. If that is not possible, you can later accompany the police to the scene where they can use speed marks and eyewitnesses among other means to obtain details of the incident.[/li][/ul]


Advicing people to flee the scene is a bad idea as most people will prefer that, than having to help the injured.
Consider a scene where you have hit a pedestrian, and it’s a crowded area full of non friendly faces, what will you do?

I personally think that drivers should be taught on how to handle
crowds in such a case.
Halafu hii maringo ya ati gari itachafuka due to the blood muache (esp among lady drivers)

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They either go to heaven or hell. All depends on what they did while they were alive.


Maybe in European countries but in Kenya, you will be burnt alive. Even the police themselves donno how to control the crowds in a civil manner. Hope you got my point?
Case in point: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000108196/angry-residents-set-ablaze-vehicle-that-killed-pedestrian-along-nairobi-s-mbagathi-way


What about if the pedestrian has a chance to live if rushed to the hospital?

What if you hit a pet or livestock ? Niligonga kondoo ya Masai and sped off

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How can u handle abunch of morons irritrates all screaming at u, wengine washaingia kwa gari simu hakuna,radio hakuna,spare tyre hakuna and any other valuable esp if u were a female driver u might even end up loosing ua dignity, u feel bad for stopping other than hitting a pedestrian.fak this tupatane karao

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Ebu nilipe dauwo!!

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kaki tupatane Masai village jioni,nko hii mtaa


[SIZE=5]By any chance was he/she @aviator ? osungu.dll[/SIZE]

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Ati this link is the source of advise you have given? BULLCRAP! Nothing of that sort is said there!

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They are not morons just concerned citizens.
What i would advise is one to take control of the scene before a crowd gathers, si kutoka kwa gari na kuanza kupiga simu while someone is bleeding to death.
Get a passer by and take the injured to hospital.

If you have ever seen a car get burnt, it is mainly the driver’s fault, mtu anaanza kusema makosa si yake, you just irritating the crowd…


hapo sasa ni kuhard, itabidi uhepe.