History of Sonko Kioko

Personally nampenda Kioko Mbuvi Tena sana. I have seen some good improvements since I voted for him unlike his predecessor Mjaka wa Mumias Sugar. So EACC release our governor on bail like Obado and the rest. Our governor beat all odds to become the most popularly elected governor in this country in spite of limited education. His excellency governor Mbuvi Kioko is innocent until proven innocent in a court of law and should therefore be treated with the dignity according to the law. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see where our beloved Governor came from. Sonko tuko pamoja, Mungu wa maskini unaowatetea atakutetea against all powers that be just like during nomination. Hang in there.


sonko has earned his place in people’s hearts. his opponents have to use money to enjoy the same goodwill Sonko enjoys

He is better than Kidero but he is still a corrupt pos.

Completely. This is the one Governor who has the level of support which even the president has to respect. If not that it’s festive season hata mimi ningeprotest this harassment. Imeniuma sana. If Obado can be handled with alot of respect, I don’t understand why the people’s governor should be mistreated. Let him handled with dignity as a leader should.

God willing 2022 tutamrudisha Tena with a landslide.It will pass. Let supporters stay calm and our governor too. This will just make him more and more popular. Like Joho became after being harassed by the powers that be. This guy has grassroots support all over because most Kenyans are poor. Facts.

Those calling him a chokora please note that Kenya has majority poor people so he’s got the numbers. Even if you don’t want him. Numbers will return him. Mpende msipende.

Si you dedicate some of the time you spend on YouTube to watch how countries develop and world class cities are run.

Hii ni harrasment he will come out stronger

Sonko is my gavana coz i voted for him wakitaka kujua how we love him leteni by election muone . Cartel Ndio Ina fight back

Am also voting for. Sonko. I’ve seen tangible development huku mtaani since he came into office

Cartel noma. In 2010, owner of marble arch hotel had a property built illegally on a road reserve kule Spring valley demolished… 2017 he was awarded 712 million!! (footed by tax monies as compensation for that “grabbed” land) by the Environment and Land Court… Sounds similar to Francis Mburu ruaraka chieth. Same Maina is behind the 20 acre property demolitions Nyama Villa pale Kayole…
Kenya Ina wenyewe

Sonko will come out of this even more popular and stronger.

Sonko supports Ruto and so he has to suffer the consequences… and many more are coming

I am certain that if you go through all the senior gvt officers and elected leaders with office, you will find them engaging in activities similar to Sonko. With almost no exception. Creating companies to cash government money. And he is cut from the same cloth as Kidero. In this Kenya, it’s just whom you choose to prosecute. They are one and the same. You can support your leader yeah but it’s sacrilegious to intelligence to expect any improvement or actual development in the country. I mean you wouldn’t decide to drill a 100m borehole and send 5 men to do the job with forks as tools. Or send Kdf to fight shabaab in Mandera with kitchen knives as weapons. Because of poor performance by previous regimes in the city, the only standards that people use to gage anything are mediocrity standards. Many will see an actual improvement but an outsider will disagree.

What did sonko use your ass?

We all know how you love him faggot lichoti

In a strange kind of way, your avatar makes you look stupid, and I used to press the ignore button on you. Yet I found out that you write lots of smart and interesting stuff. Could you consider changing your avatar so that your words of wisdom may reach a wider audience?

Lol. That avatar bothers a few. Soon to be changed.

aiii hata kama unampenda sana…
i voted for him and will still vote for him

The most dangerous man… Amezimwa kabisa

The arrest of Sonko will work in his favour in the long-term because he can easily flip it to increase sympathy-votes and name-recognition, which is all he needs to shoot for more power… it is already working as you can @TrumanCapote warming up to him

I am not warming up to him. I was always his supporter from Makadara days. Sonko is a great leader