History lesson 101: Raila and other stories

  1. 1966: Raila Odinga during his time at Technische Hochschule Magdeburg (Technical University Magdeburg) in former E. Germany.

  2. Britain’s Fort Harrington in Moyale during WW2. It was overran by Italian troops in 1940. The Italians advanced to nearly 100km inside Kenya territory afterwards. Now imagine Kenya being a colony of Italy[ATTACH=full]141314[/ATTACH]

3.Many business premises were destroyed and shops looted during the August 1982 disturbances/coup (90s babies will not understand what am talking about here)

4.Dozens of civilians lost their lives during the disturbances. Many others were arraigned in court for petty crime and looting of business premises, which took place at a massive scale particularly in Nairobi’s CBD and Ngara areas

  1. It was then that Sawe ordered the army’s MD500 helicopters to blow up the communications facility at the Eastleigh air force base. Without communications, Ochuka’s coup collapsed and he was soon on his way to Tanzania.

Class dismissed for now.


What has the 2nd story got to do with the rest of the thread?


All is about History (and other stories) bt I know how u wanted the thread to go.

so Babuon led the italian invasion of kenya in 1940 ama unajaribu kusema nini hapa?

What’s with all the obsession with Rao? Let a man be. This is/was not a Raila bashing thread but an history 101 thread.


Your skills at storytelling are wanting.

Sawa, but am not a narrator of stories.

brady fuackin…swali ni connection ya rao na hii umeffi ni ipi?

Yote ni history. Please refrain from abusing me…tafathari

ako fiti na hizo welding goggles

Omwami hapa Ktalk lassssima uwe na thick skin.

Uki log in uwache feelings hapo kwa gate ama uta block burukenge zote hapa.

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resist umama…hapa ukiweka meffi you must be ready to swallow it as well