History is ruthless ...


Frontline, all deceased.

and buried in 6×6 parcels of land

We are mortals!

Once bestrode Kenya like a colossus but all dead now. Kenya bado iko.


Were they supposed to live forever?

Look at that, and you realize that life should be lived in a simple and humble manner. Hio ingine ya kuloot,kuua na mambo ingine is just shit.

You can tell at that precise moment, Nyayo had Kenya by the balls, literally.
We don’t want a repeat of that.

Alot of people realise that when its just too late.
Sasa Moi akikaa kwake during his retirement years alikuwa anaskia aje aki reminisce?
Akiona hile beating ya Njoya na Wangari Maathai on t.v.
Anglo leasing and such.
Kuna vitu zingine siwezi taka on my conscience…wacha ikae.
Naskia siku ya swearing ya Kibaki 1 people pelted his motorcade with human dung…was it worthy.

For the benefit of Juveniles and the Ignorant in here , the identities of that line up … :D:D


Left to Right :

Vice President Professor George Kinuthia Wa Muthengi Saitoti , King of the Maasai William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama , President Daniel Toroitch Arap Moi , The Bull of Auckland and Total Man Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono Arap Biwott and John Joseph Kamotho …


Those were the exciting days of the one finger Nyayo Salute …
Tumetoka Mbali Sana … :D:D:D

Nani alikuambia alikuwa anawatch TV? With over 300B in looting!

Hii ni uzito tupu … aisee. Hakuna cha ati nini nini … hapana. Moi was a real Ma’fuckin’ Don. Seen here rollin’ with his “inner circle”.

Fimbo Ya Nyayo … :D:D



How does it feel following another man around like his bitch? Ama the billions you leech off him make it easier to look at yourself in the mirror?

Heshimu Moi nanii ama utajua “fimbo ya nyayo” ni mrefu.

Sina shida na alpha.
Nashangaa about the subordinates around him. Washakubali licking his anus is their route to success.

Back in the day , this Juvenile would by now be hanging by his balls in the Basement of the Nyayo House Interrogation Chamber …


Grown Men would start crying upon arrival here …
Noma Kabisa … :D:D:D

Sema jaluo ,not people

Life is transient. If you know that you will make the world a better place.

History may be ruthless but their families are set for 10 lifetimes. At the end of the day, as a man your job is to make sure the generations you sire are set for life.