Historicity of Jesus

Since majority of people seem to believe that there is a concensus that Jesus Christ existed, I am willing to give out 1 million Kenya shillings to anyone that can scientifically and conclusively prove the existence of a godman named Jesus Christ around 2000 years ago in the levant. This should be easy…

hauna kazi ya kufanya??..NV keti kwanza.


Keep your 1m which I’m sure you don’t have. Open a book and do some research. Don’t wait for us…

You’re sound much like Simon. Go read on his fate (unless you’d like me to read it to you as well seeing that you won’t open a book…).


Kazi yangu ni ya ku-deconstruct upuzi…acha niende hivi nakam

This should be easy.
In the meantime keti hapa ukiongojea jibu…


Kama hauwezi, acha kupayukwa…Learn to read instructions…no wonder boy child amekaliwa na slayqueens kwa exam. Kua mpole

Hapo ndyo wewe huweka akili yako?

Look who’s talking. You can hardly answer your own question. But the real issue is that you came here looking for a debate you think you can win.

We won’t engage you in your wild goose chase. Chase your wild geese yourself. And have fun while at it.

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Na si uko na ujinga NV, just crawl back to the hole you came from, stay still till I call you. Kaino type.

“We”? You and who? Umekua spokesman?
You are a simpleton that is predictably unable to take up my challenge, or hold an intellectual converstion whatsoever.
Kaa chini, let the adults talk.

Acha umama. Juu wewe ni village elder, unalipwa ama? Ama unataka hug? Crawl back to your village and learn to read and follow instructions.

hiki kinasena nini?


:D:D:D:DLook at all the responses you’ve gotten. That’s the “we” I’m talking about. Move on man. Do something else with your life.

This is my last contribution to this misfortune.

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Thank my heathen gods…phew

Aaaaa! Sharrap!

Jingah NV enda kuja na report form!

see your life

Nv @kinyocho Tuliza kende