Hisense 32" H32A4100

Hey guys, I have seen an offer on this Hisense 32" digital TV on tuskys going for 16,900. For those who’ve used this hisense tv or has an experience about it, how is it, is it a good option to someone on a tight budget but looking to get a good quality TV?

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

16k is on the higher side

Kes 14500 is the best price for the tele, piga window shopping na utafurahia


Hisense is a reliable brand. Am not so sure about the pricing

Guys just post TVs, smartphones or other gadgets queries without giving us even the littlest of specs details. Some don’t say even the model numbers, or they give incorrect model numbers! The TV in question here does not seem to exist on Google. Only on KTalk.

Had a 32 inch that served me well from 2012 till 2017 when I took it shagz na bado iko poa. Remote tu ndio iliharibika

KONKA is not bad actually.