'His Pencil Is a dot' Kikuyu Lady from Karatina Laments

This kikuyu lady from karatina named Makeri Wangu has taken to Facebook to expose a man who took her to hotel but shockingly to her,his private part was the size of a dot.Below is what she wrote…

‘Who know ths idiot,I went to a room wit him in Nairobi aninyandue after hyping me tht he wil fck me until I scream but when he removed his clothes I cud not see his dck.his d*ck is a dot.i almost cried n the way i was Hot!what a coakroach’






… In this village there are rules and rule number one is in this section we only discuss the follwing the twin assets, pussy and ass. Anything to do with another man’s man hood unapeleka kilimani mums…Sawa?

Msee, you can’t see that’s just an idle man trolling using the name and picture of a woman


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@Investorde keihiii… taka taka ya manispaa

That dude looks like Kibe.
Low level IQ trolls wacha huko Facebook ama uhamie huko.

Women say this at times when there is disagreement on compensation for “work done”.

Malisa yeye kabisa

Naona unanitafuta sana madam


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eti who knows this idiot … clout detected

Really looks like Kibe … :smiley: :smiley: