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weka story yote hapa…

Mimi na familia yangu yote tumesema HATUGWES NA HATUGWES CRICK



Hata mimi si clit, but I had read this article earlier.

Ukissee itakumaliza


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Cord is planning to revive demands for a parliamentary system with an executive Prime Minister and a ceremonial President.

The opposition has been demonstrating every Monday since April for electoral reforms but a secret document seen by Star shows that Cord has much larger ambitions.

The draft document prepared by a team of Cord lawyers is due to be discussed by the Cord co-principals this month after which it will form the basis of the proposed negotiations between Jubilee and Cord over electoral reform.

The document lists a raft of proposals which Cord would like to agree with Jubilee before taking them to Parliament for debate and ratification.

The switch to a parliamentary system is the key change in the draft document but it also includes proposals that IEBC commissioners should be nominated by political parties represented in Palriament; that the number of electoral commissioners be reduced to five; that commissioners should be part-time and not full time; and that the term of office of commissioners should be staggered so that they do not all expire at the same time.

Cord Leader Raila Odinga has supported the idea of a parliamentary system since the time of the Bomas Draft Constitution in 2004 in which he played an active role.

In a parliamentary system MPs choose a Prime Minister who typically is selected by the largest party which also forms the government. The president then becomes a ceremonial head of state.

The new constitution was originally intended to create a parliamentary system but MPs switched to a presidential system in the Naivasha talks in 2010. ODM conceded to PNU on the matter although Raila still favoured an executive Prime Minister.

Jubilee politicians argue that Raila only argues for a parliamentary system to take power through the back door.

Many liberal democracies such as Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand use the parliamentary system. The presidential system is used in democracies like the United States and France.

Once the document is endorsed by Raila and co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula, it will be will be passed to the five Cord negotiators. The team was named on Thursday and is headed by James Orengo along with Eseli Simiyu, Johnston Muthama, Mishi Mboko and Junet Mohammed.

Jubilee has not named its team and has sent out conflicting signals about whether it will talk or not.

If Jubilee does not name a team to discuss electoral reform, the demos pushing IEBC reform are likely to continue. But the demand for a parliamentary system may become a central part of the Cord manifesto in the 2017 elections.

Cord believes that a parliamentary system would end the fratricidal wars Kenyans

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Upus, told you all from the start that it has never been about IEBC, they know they have already lost in 2017 and will be irrelevant come 2022. IEBC was the soft target to force a constitutional crisis leading to a statement that they hope can be used to force a nusu mkate. Key is to get the commissioners to resign then sabotage the recruitment process such that IEBC has no commissioners. That will halt elections in 2017, markets and economy will suffer due to uncertainty and force a possible negotiation. Don’t worry it wouldn’t happen. The counter strategy is slow but sure.

Babuon dissed the parliamentary system coz he saw in himself as president enjoying the powers. He didn’t see the Jubilee wave coming with tyranny. This time he will learn for sure the greater need of the many far outstrip the need’s of a few. Any change to our constitution can only be done through a referendum not parliament alone. The threshold for the referendum must be reached with no shortcuts.


Leo niko free!

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Babuon seen from 18, machozi Monday (mm) tunangijea goons tuzinyoroshe hadi kwa mkia,

Monday nimehire mungiks kadhaa… Wacha hao goons wakam wakipora… Sifungi biz.

How certain is he that he will be the prime minister? It is wrong to manipulate the systems that govern a whole country of more than 40 million citizens to suit your selfish whims, just because you can influence it! He vetoed the current constitution to fit him like a suit, yet he never became the president! And now we have to trash it even before it is fully implemented, just because it doesn’t work to his advantage!


Wavivu hawawesclick lakini the real meat is the Disqus reactions below the article. Kenyans are smart!


Wenye hawawes click watembee…sitawaletea mrembo halafu mniambie niwatolee suruali niwaingizie kwa nyap mmwage…sereee

Yea… The disqus forum is the bomb.


Huko ni uhondo tupu

At least Miguna tried to keep this Man straight, wonder who his advisors are ?

si ule makau mutua?miguna once mentioned that his lame advisors like makau are making wrong decisions

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Raila always has his ideologies first before kenyans ,extremely greedy but wont get anything.

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Wow!!! are you female? Its time to advocate for peace.