His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan


In Islam what he just said would be considered blasphemy. But of course these Arabs never practice what they preach. I don’t even think they read the Quran, they just love to chop off heads.

He is putting himself infront of God.
Forgetting that it was God who blessed their lands with fortune as foretold to Ishmael. Hio ako nayo ni pride.

Allah or yahweh?

Have they chopped off yours?

I have never been impressed by you atheists and your sarcasm whenever God is mentioned.


Your point being?

Shut your big Mukanyee

Listen here you bible thumper,and listen good,never ever label me ,i am not an idiot with imaginary friends nor do i think that idiots are idiots with imaginary friends,i take no sides,you beat your bibles while atheist and other labels disparage you. I dont see whats impressing there.Umeskia ama nipaaze sauti?

I have never understood why you atheists are always so angry at God.

Kids nowadays.SMH

Paza sauti


i am a proud atheist…

Ferk your god

oh Christ… why can’t some people call a good thing a good thing without invoking their gods and imaginary friends??

Goodness gracious. Is English so hard to comprehend nowadays?

All I said is that the ruling class of these muslim countries are full of crap.

On the one hand they claim to follow strict sharia guidelines observing Allah above everything else which includes not praising oneself above Allah. But a statement like the one above shows the contradiction. This king sounds like he is in charge and Allah is a distant second or nowhere at all in the picture. That is contrary to how they portray themselves to the world as strict Muslims.

and what makes you think you know more than they do??

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]They should, he does not seem to be using it :smiley:

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]Well he’s kind of a dick