His Excellency , Waititi

On a light note,…the year is 2026. The City of Kiambu is host to the 2026 Olympics. His Excellency, the Governor of Kiambu makes his address…

He begins his speech. “O!”—applause. “O!”—an ovation. "O!”—the whole audience stands up and applauds.

An aide comes running to the podium and whispers, “Your Excellency, those are the Olympic logo rings, you don’t need to read all of them!”[ATTACH=full]189911[/ATTACH]

Hehehe…what do you guys have against this man…


Hii ni hate speech:D:D

Mzae hii ni raff. Hakuna haja ya kumchezea ngware na hana movila.


Hehehe mko na uyinga.


He he he!

give him some credit,at least he knows what an ‘O’ looks like:D:D:D:D