Hiroshima Tehran



Then what?

If nuclear bombs start falling then a lot of people will die

Tsar bomb was tested in 1961,its been 59 years

Is it a property of the Russians?

the Soviet nuclear arsenal was inherited by Russia,Ukraine, Belarus and the Kazakhs, and apparently the Tsar bomb’s power was halved cause the Pilots wouldn’t have been able to drop it and escape in time so it was mean’t to be twice as powerful so 100 MT of destruction, 3000 times more powerful than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined shit

regardless, that’s 1961 technology… imagine what nukes can do today… plus kuna antimatter bombs in development

How do they work?


Oh my God. That’s some really deadly sheit!

matter and antimatter don’t like each other, when they collide… unimaginable energy is released. 1kg ni equivalent 43 megatons hiroshima was only 5.2 megatonnes


Soviet nuclear arsenal iko na Russians. The others like Ukraine had to give them up for security guarantees in 95

Hiroshima was equivalent to 15 KT (Kiloton)
Nagasaki was equivalent to 20 KT

The Tsar bomba was 50 ,000 KT

1MEGATON = 1000 KT

.you are missing the point… the weight to damage ratio ni unmatched. anything above 5.2 kt is considered bad…Hiroshima weighed 60 something pounds and im talking 1kg

An antimatter bomb is still theoretical the only thing that come close to the tsar bomba is the Father of all bombs the most powerful non nuclear bomb ever detonated and its yield was 44 tons

‘in development’

the weight to yield ratio was improved in the tsar bomba, for being only 6 times heavier, it had 5 times the blast radius and 3000 times more power

Hiroshima weighed 9,700 pounds and had a blast radius of 1 mile (1.6 km)15 kt

Tsar bomba weighed 60,000 pounds and had a blast radius of 22 miles (5.5 km) 50 mt

here it is in all its greatness