Hiroshima & Nagasaki level black pill

Damn I actually feel sorry for this orangutan. Dude grew up with an alcoholic dad and abusive mum, tried coping with hard drugs and eventually got clean and hitched to this latina kunguru only to get cucked on a live podcast. Na bado uatapata planteshen ghaseers wakidai eti mY wIfE lOvEs Me FoR mE!! Lmao just lmao :D:D:D


Fatality! Flawless victory

But si he has told him the truth…the lady amemwambia he doesn’t love her and he says he has been making money for the family and the lady amesema so if the guy doesn’t have money she will divorce me which is in agreement to the guys logic of money and love

The guy is a good actor

Silly amurikans