Hippolyte Kanambe Kazemberembe alias "Joseph Kabila"

Hippolyte Kanambe Kazemberembe alias “Joseph Kabila”

Concerning the true Identity of
Mr. Hippolyte Kanambe alias Joseph Kabila

Born on the 4th of June 1971

Rowanda native Mother Name: Marcelline MUKAMBUKUJE

Rowanda native Father Name: Christopher KANAMBE

As extensively and independently published information in the African media concerning the true identity of Mr. Hippolyte Kanambe by Jeune Afrique and others concerning the real father of Joseph Kabila who is reported to be a Rwandan called Kanambe and his mother a Rwandan Tutsi called Marcelline, who later became one of Laurent Kabila’s many wives, DRC Foreign Minister, Bizima Karaha (a leader of the Rwandan-backed rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy), described Hippolyte Kanambe alias “Joseph” as Laurent Kabila’s adopted child.

“When I saw Hippolyte Kanambe first in Kisangani in March 1997, he was Commander James Kabarehe’s driver, and was presented as the commander’s nephew”, a former companion of Laurent Kabila told African Business.

Hippolyte Kanambe served in the Rwandan army in 1995. Several witnesses also stress the indisputable fact that Hippolyte Kanambe alias “Joseph Kabila” is fluent in kinyarwanda, the lingua franca of Rwanda.


The young Hippolyte Kanambe Kazemberembe (the one on the Right) alias Joseph Kabila

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1. His origins :
Joseph Kabila, in his real name Hyppolite KanambeKazemberembe, was born on 4th June 1971 of a Rwandan father on the name of Christopher KANAMBE and a Rwandan mother named Marcelline MUKAMBUKUJE. His father was an opossant to the Rwandan former president Juvénal HABYARIMANA. He met Laurent Désiré KABILA, opposant of the Zairean former president MOBUTU, in the resistance movements based in the mountains on the rwando-zairean border, where they fought against their common enemies: MOBUTU and HABYARIMANA.

After the death of his friend Christopher Kanambe in 1977, Laurent Désiré Kabila married (in the traditional customs) his widow Marcelline and adopted (in the same traditional customs) her two young twin children, a girl and a boy: Jenny KANAMBE and Hyppolite KANAMBE.

2. A neglected youth :
LD Kabila, who wed - several women (of which more than 13 -) when he went underground-and of which he got a number of children (more than 25), had only a limited - time to take care of the latter. So as he had not been able to push his studies beyond the secondary level, the young Hyppolite Kanambe was forced to do several jobs for his living- amongst which as a taximan, and as a barman and of mechanic in the cities of Dar-are-Salaam and of Kigoma in Tanzania.

-Indeed, his"foster father" (hear ‘step father’), LD Kabila, lived with all his family in exile in Tanzania during Hyppolite’s childhood and adolescence. Kabila spent more of his time in exile in the traffic of the gold and diamond rather than fighting MOBUTU’s regime; which often led him to cross the forests and the mountains of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, to exercise his fraudulent business.


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