Hippo On The Loose...

Meet “21-years old” Pritty Vishy giving @rexxsimba and Co sleepless nightshttps://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tce/1/16/1f600.png

simpo boy alikuwa anamwaga ndani ya hio ngombe

Ni kabila Gani hii?

Na wewe unalamba hizo joti ? Shenzi sana ng’ombe ici

Filters ni noma.

Huyo rexxsimba. :D:D

Hii swali nimeuliza before but nauliza tena. Why do women under 23 currently look older than women in their late 20s

The composition of the foods consumed by today’s 12-20 year old women is very different from the composition of foods that was consumed by their 25-35 year old counterparts at that age. Their growth hormones are on the loose. I know 30 year old women who would pass for 20 year olds, and vice versa.

Ghetto rubbish

Eeeei.Anakaa sista ya @uwesmake

Wanakula pizza, kuku porno na chips daily alafu JD na gilbeys kila weekend mnaexpect nini? Kwanza weka mtu ball uone vile atafura ka mandazi za kibanda.

in the middle pic you wonder whether she is a man or a woman