Hindu man dies and meets Jesus waiting at the door to Heaven. What else did he experience?

Santosh Acharjee was born and raised in an orthodox [SIZE=5]Hindu family[/SIZE]. Like most of us, he was very busy with his career and his day-to-day life. Then, suddenly, in the ICU room of a modern hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, he experienced a “Code Blue” situation after his gallbladder ruptured causing internal bleeding and shock. He unexpectedly departed this world for a period of three days.

Santosh found first-hand that his life did not end at his physical death; rather, it continued to a face-to-Face Encounter with our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a miraculous life-changing true story.
The three-day Encounter with Jesus transformed him to a completely new person. Not only did he see Heaven and Hell, Santosh had a face-to-Face conversation with the Lord, who sent him back to the earth to share His Instructions to everyone from any religion, believers or non-believers.
What FIVE instructions did God give him to share with the world?
Watch and find out for yourself. It is such a moving story given by a Hindu man. This is significant because no one can say that he was pre-conditioned by virtue of his birth and heritage to expect a Christian God after his death.


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Please listen to this amazing video, it’s so sweet to the soul and may actually save you from the Lake of Fire (where most people are headed).
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Here’s a good one for you guys!

So,different sects , different imaginary folks up in the sky? Thats interesting

I have heard these stories many times, from one-on-one accounts. Amazingly, most of them usually mention seeing themselves lying in the accident scene with serious injuries then everything goes blank till the next time they find themselves in ICU. No Jesus or angels mentioned anywhere.


The Hindu man smoked a kishada from kawangware

this is what that conman saw !

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What if Jesus alifika area after kuzoom kaona mshajisort na Tech,magic akaamua kurudi kwa mzae God?
Wah, Mzae raiya ya earth iliwahi mwakenya aje? ishajisort no more excitements anymore… Hadi atomic bomb nime cough sana huko!

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