Hillary Clinton

Huyu sasa naona anafaa kuwa the queen of opinion polls. Around Dec 2007, she was polling at 49% while Obama was at 20%. Despite having a brand name, she failed to get the democratic nomination.

8 years later, history is repeating itself. She had a clear lead in November leading Mr Sanders by 20% but the old man has worked his voodoo and cut her lead to just 7%. Now that Obama has said he won’t back anyone and with her email expose coming out thick & fast, I think yuko mashakani.

One thing that I’ve never understood with US politics is why there is usually so much interest in the state of Iowa. It gets more mentions than any other state. Kwani iyo ndio Tharaka Nithi yao?

latest polls early today on CNN showed Sanders leading in IOWA 49% to HILL 44%

What has changed within a month for Clinton to drop in ratings and Sanders to rise?


Iowa and New Hampshire are the first states in the primaries if you win there you can change the narrative from struggling contender to surging candidate. The media will pay more attention to you especially if you were relatively unknown and if you were a household name people will give you more coverage and ignore the rest as they will seem to have no pull.


no idea I think she became too complacent and concentrated on trump assuming that she had already won the primary

Makes sense as to why Donald Trump is going overdrive on Tes Cruz coz I heard in one of these states Cruz is leading

Inbound marketing is a book you should look for. Guy Kawasaki once said if you have more brains than money go for inbound marketing. Sanders has less money than the HRC campaign but he has dedicated millennials on the internet trumping up his support (they’re ruining reddit :mad:) he also has a strong grassroots movement. The HRC campaign has lots of money and name recognition so what they do is talk at people. The methods they use to get their message across is tv ads and email blasts. There is also the earnestness that Sanders seems to have that endears even people who don’t care about American politics.


Makes sense I have seen amongst the online article commentaries a recurring phrase by some republicans that they do not trust Clinton and may even vote Democrat if Sanders wins the primary. He comes across as an honest guy with little effort

beware that polls are made by media and companies with interests. Big media for liberals(democrats and other liberals) and smaller media for conservatives(republicans and libertarians) If you listen to CNN you will notice that they are openly fronting Donald Trump for republicans hoping that he is a weak candidate. On the democratic side they do not know who to support because the candidate strengths are vague.
Sanders has a chance of beating trump. Hilary sijui. She is too establishment. It also seems that primaries is the bigger thing there, taking well over a year. elections campaigns just a few months.
Despite all these theatrics, all US presidents are the same and general policies are the same regardless of the tag republican, democrat, conservatives, liberals, libertarian. Its just one big show for the public to overindulge in while the bigwigs make money.


Iowa has the largest number of Congressional District, and the norm have been, whomever wins Iowa, wins becomes POTUS .
New Hampshire votes one week earlier before the other states, hence a candidate wants to set his pace from the word go.
Remember Bush vs AL Gore, Gore won the votes, but Bush by winning Florida had won More Congressional Districts

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Deskate una understand and you are not a diasporian kama omera…he he don’t get a lot bt clinton played a big role in bombing of innocents n babies, while in office so I do not like her :mad: :mad:

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there is now diplomatic way of saying this… but it is a paternal world!!!

and with Matriarch Merkel bungling in Germany has not done her any good… remote but Clinton’s policies on immigration- read Arabs are not far off from Angela’s

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Si primaries ni Iowa and New Hampshire that start?

The US system is unique. It has swing states that are decision makers. To do something like an amendment of the constitution, you just dont hold a simple referendum ndizi na machungwa. The first step is acceptance of the amendment by a vote in the congress. then the states have to ratify the amendment one by one at their pace.

For example, the 19th ammendment that gave women the vote took 41 years. the bill was submitted to the senate every year and was defeated everyyear up to 1918 or thereabouts. Then there were two more years or so for the states to ratify the ammendment at their own pace. The requisite 38 states(three quarters) were reached in 1920 for the ammendment to be included in the US constitution. The deciding vote for that last deciding state was made by a very young man(24) in a state legislature. The young man was undecided and changed his mind several times. i dont remember which state.

forgive me guyz, sarah palin alienda wapi? hajasimama?

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Sema tu Hilary ana umama

Hillary ni lilith (girlfriend ya lucifer). If she wins, be assured WWIII is around the corner. She cant handle the charged up geopolitics, at the moment, without closing the curtains on the current human civilization.

There is nothing special about Iowa. Traditionally it is where the first primaries are held. Thats all. Why is it first? Pure chance.

fucking bitchh if she ever becomes president nahamia plot yangu iko pluto.
next to @Wakanyama ranch

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