Hillary Clinton was fed debate questions beforehand

Another leaked email has emerged showing Democratic National Committee boss and former CNN contributor Donna Brazile sharing a debate question in advance with the Hillary Clinton campaign – despite Brazile’s persistent claims to the contrary.

CNN announced in a statement soon after the email became public Monday that Brazile had tendered her resignation and the network accepted it on Oct. 14, days after the controversy over Brazile tipping off the Clinton campaign initially broke.

According to documents released Monday by WikiLeaks, Brazile sent Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri an email titled, “One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash,” the night before the March 6 CNN primary debate in Flint, Michigan.





This woman is slimey as furk. She’s going to make sure the door for another woman president stays closed for a very very long time. Even if she becomes successful.


Trump could have used better tactics to put this lying piece of scum on the defensive. He antagonized many minority groups and women and then focused only on sideshows that did not add any value to his campaign.

Just shows how bad trump is if he can’t beat her

If the republican candidate was somebody else other than Trump the republicans would have won this election before mid-day.

Trump is a loser…during the debates instead of answering what he is asked he spends like half the time speaking abt Hillary…he is a tru bigot.

Trump is a tramp. He will be beaten by an old ugly woman with enough scandals to last thirty dog years, and a miserable marriage to boot.

The source of this info is also compromised…Trump is a shareholder in Fox News…so don`t believe everything from this media house.

It is true that Brazzille was fired from CNN. CNN confirmed it last night and the source of information is not FOX it is the leaked emails

Just shows how bad he is. I wish republicans had someone else.

Trump is the best candidate ever . CNN has been biased from the begining hata if they sacrifice the lady , i no longer watch CNN . Trump will have won the elections by 3 pm .

This three ring circus will hopefully be over next week unless Trump trumps his will to the supreme court… But honestly,Americans are ferked and the gonna be ferked for the next four years coz none of the candidates fit the POTUS bill…

He is not the best ever, that guy is anything but presidential.

How can you as a kenyan , people who have always elected crooks as president know about Presidential material candidates ?

My issue with Trump ni vile hakuwa rational and he failed to use Clinton’s weaknesses to show he was more capable than her. Clinton is one of the weakest Democrat candidates to run for presidency in several years. Lakini yeye ni kupiga kelele tu about kujenga fence and other stupid things that voters do not care about.

FemiNazi detected!

Are they much more fucked than us Kenyans?

Remember the mbus driver who likes raping willing women? Thats us Kenyans. Kigeuzwa kama chafati…

shiet hitting the fan