Hilarity Ensues


US is shit because of White liberals. Uliza akina @patco

:D:D:Dyou usually expect such nonsense from democrats. Cant believe republicans endorse this mad creature, im also not sure how the guy manages to navigate around the ideals of the party when he is almost everything they hate

I wonder if he’s sober throughout this madness

A 71 year old man playing as a woman endorsing a party that hates everything that people like him represents. Madness is an understatement

[SIZE=1]nakucheki umeeka musito marvolo kama picha. welcome to slytherin you wannabe ravenclaw[/SIZE]

The Dark Lord summoned me

As he does as all, So you have the dark mark as well hapo sawa

It’s only fitting to bear it

You two should grab a pint together ,nimekuwa nikiwaona.
Then send me an invite.
It will make a perfect bar joke :- A samurai ,a wizard and a goddess walk into a bar …

It’d make a perfect menage troi…who is the Samurai?

:D:DYou should be checking Odin over there not casting your eye towards us

I am…google who yasuke was

@Genos ofcourse. He is Yasuke. The black Samurai.

13 Assassins is a good movie, also in the game Tomb Raider you run into them

Ayam having second thoughts about Odin. :D:D
It’s Saturday and his belly is already full of mead and thus he shall not please me as he should.

Currently on it, read that his owner had him scrubbed to wash the tint off

Is that so…then as an honourable samurai this heavy duty befalls upon me. I shall search for some worthy sword to fall upon. Thus I shall be welcomed graciously into Valhalla by the Valkyries and after being prepped thoroughly will swing this mighty samurai cock your way. [SIZE=1]and proceed to get a smiting never seen before[/SIZE]

Yes he was taken in by the great Nobunaga who was heavily impressed by him

While I’m still in class, a name of your avatar will suffice

I’m on episode 5 of the series.
I would love to find a good read about him though. Any suggestions ?