Hilarious ways to grow the economy

Evil ways that Uhuru can revive Kenyan economy

  1. Legalize growth and sale of Marijuana for export only. Unfortunately mps will dominate and form a cartel. Migori County and Luanda town are already ahead though. Rwanda is doing it, not sure about Uganda.
  2. P0rn industry. Kenya is too ready for p0rn industry. S3x tapes have a ready market locally and globally. The problem is that every Kenyan things they are porn material.
  3. Legalize and charge s3x work. Nairobi runs on s3x work. From Tinder, Tagged, Badoo to NairobiHot, Kenyans are selling or buying vikojozi for their own entertainment. Tax them heavily.
  4. Nude races. Charge them. A lot of Kenyans run naked as night runners. Some like Alai want to do it daytime. Even though according to our African culture that is equal to bewitching the land, allow nude races and license them heavily.
  5. Bully cool kid politicians. It is on record that some politicians fear police cells. Just arrest them and let them bribe tens of millions for their freedom.
  6. Sell out monkeys. Honestly, we have more than enough monkeys. If we cannot family plan them or provide them abortion services through Marie Stoppes Clinics and KWS, then sell the damn monkeys to akina Ching Chu.
  7. Charge Kenyans to allow them operate 24x7. A lot of people are willing to pay to have a 24 hour curfew-free day.
  8. Introduce chapati tax. I hate how chapati lost its glory and nowadays even a child of 7 years cooks chapati. It is time to introduce chapati tax to restore respect to chapati.
  9. Tax memes. Kenyans overuse memes and memes should attract 4% Excise Duty.
  10. Tax braids. Taxes on panties and kamisi are almost zero because that gender avoids wearing them. That is where the tax leak happens but get them back on braids.
  11. Tax happy socks and ankle socks. Men who wear these types of socks think the rest of us lack taste.
  12. Tax pizza heavily. It is junk food. Tax black forest cake. It is used by people recovering from breakups, so they overeat it.

Only number 1 makes sense

Hii peleka kwa base ya mogoka saa hii tuko kanisa trying to secure our afterlife existence.



Hako kasichana in a polka dot dress; how do I lay my hands on her?

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