So hakuna hiking fanatics hapa.
Was so looking forward to one this weekend.
@Wanaruona niaje atleast unajua Nyandarua vizuri…twende

:smiley: mungich @Wanaruona on the cross hairs banae

Every week I must set time for hiking. On Monday I did 21km mlima flani huku. I got to say, observing nature is therapeutic. Tomorrow am planning on doing 30km. Will start from 2pm adi 7pm.

“Hiking” kwako si ni goat herding?


Heshimu herders nanii …

You cannot be trusted, weka picha tuone

Nitaweka ya matiti ya mamako nikipata

Choose your troubles. Deal with your self esteem issues ama come at me, you pigmy dark retarded negro. Damn. Those are a lot of issues bro.

Hapo kwa retarded umeongeza chumvi

Wapi huko senior

Place inaitwa Nyakwere. So many hills around this side. The Nam Lolwe vicinity is just out of this world

I can go for hiking in Menengai crater if only a few talkers will accompany me. Tunaanzia pale Maina Primary tunapanda mpaka juu ya crater, then descend through the forest and come out through London estate heading towards Nakuru CBD.