HIIT Workout (for Alphas)

This is the real deal when it comes to Intense HIIT workout. There’s a time I watched Mayweather’s documentary and the guys at the gym praised his work ethic. The guy who mops the floor where he works out on said there’s too much work for him when Floyd works out…the frequency of mopping off his sweat is high. I thought it was hyperbolic, but try this workout and prove it to be true.



nimefika hapo “spider jump push-ups” nikapata muscle pull msee…true story


Hahaha hii shit ni tricky. Mi huifanya hadi nalala kwa floor kurecover ndio niendelee.

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@Ghetto jaribu uwe unawarm up kiasi before starting.

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sio ya kwanza ndio warm up just before the spider jump push ups ama?

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Yeah…hio ni warm up but ni brief sana. So kuwarm properly inabidi hadi ujog on the spot etc na kustretch kiasi.

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Upus.pros like us do it the old fashioned way. Heavy weights then light cardio for 20 mins


Do you know why Boxers/UFC fighters do not do so much Lifting?

I prefer using the treadmill interchanging BTW high and low speeds.much safer and injury risk is minimised

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That’s very effective…mostly increasing the level of inclination after a specific interval.

Leta za ladies

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Here my dear


Asande. Saving this for everyday use.

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Welcome. There are more in their channel.

Will check them out. Thanks

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is it for flexibilty juu hao wase hukua very fast

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Mainly it’s because gaining more muscle means more oxygen requirement and hence low endurance since mtu atahema faster sana and eventually become slower kwa long fights.
Boxing/UFC requires a high level of cardio in the fighter.

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I also do body weight training HIIT work outs more than going to purely lift weights like the average gym rat does, results are good, you work out your whole body, spend less time and burn more calories, I also know of a guy who is Kenyan that does body weight training, specializing in calisthenic na results zake ni wazimu, no supplements or juice,His instagram is https://www.instagram.com/alvinleefitness/ , results zake ndio hizi[ATTACH=full]81393[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]81394[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]81395[/ATTACH]