Hii Worldcup iishe haraka tumemiss EPL

Najua wengine wananjoy akina Samba boys winning, but tumemiss epl sasa…

Haikosi wewe ni fan wa Germany

:D:D:D I only support you coz its the only thing which is between me and seeing my wife(kukuta vitu sana nimemiss iyo kuma yangu:cool:)and seeing my dota:cool:

Naona bets zaungua. Predictions zagonga mwamba.

Ama Arsenal

This world cup is very entertaining and has captured the excitement reminiscent of SA 2010.
No team emerged from the group stage with maximum points. This shows the ground that the colored nations are gaining in this field despite the ever-frustrating challenges (corruption, etc).
Game of the tournament by now is a draw between Serbia vs Cameroon, Portugal vs Ghana, Ghana vs South Korea and Germany vs Japan
What’s not to love as is? Our representatives played well and in due time we may go further than RO16.
To all the people that pissed on this World Cup that it’ll be a miss, I hope you haven’t watched a match.
It’s honestly been refreshing to have the world put their many differences aside, politics chiefly, and just played as people cheered on.

Who knew football can be as enjoyable without beer?

Kabisa…haters hope wame meza wembe kumeza

Games ziko sawa, quality football especially after kutolewa maembe za group stage…
Argentina mpaka mwisho