Hii Wizi Imezidi


Huko ni wapi Mr makamasi?

Huyo mwenye simu anasikia ameishiwa na nguvu,hajui afanyeje.If the video was longer may be tungeona akisema fck fck mingi

Huyo mwizi nimjinga sana. Anachukua simu then turn his back on the victim. Kama si uoga, the victim could attack that ghasia

After he shows you a gun, terrible idea.

Huyo dingo ana matharau sana. If the old man had a piece, he should’ve put a tight grouping in his back. He deserves that smoke

Why? The guy had turned his back and didn’t even keep an eye on his victim

All it takes is for the guy to twist and squeeze, don’t fcuk around with guns

Old man had the bead on him. He has the advantage on a fast draw.

If he had a firearm in the first place

Unadhani yeye ni Jason Statham. You can always buy another phone but what happens ukijaribu kumpiga akupige risasi. Even if you are able to stop him but what about huyo mwingine kwa nduthi. Pengine pia yeye ako armed. So what should he have done? It only takes one glance at the charging victim then angetumwa to @Jehovah Wanyonyi.

Terrible idea, thieves act tough but the are just cowards who will shoot you even for standing up from your sitted posture to defend themselves. It is just a phone, something that will be useless in the next 2 to 4 yrs.


Politicians and muggers have wanainchi spooked.

Be smart, you can always purchase a new cellphone.
Achia @johntez addi gaza msafi aende na simu, glue sio udi

The Chinese guy could take a shot once the guy is on the bike. It’s risky though. You only use a firearm if your life is in danger. But for a guy who practices regularly, that’s a clean target. Not difficult.

mbona Audi ya pesa ime park eastlando kwa mashida .