Hii Vita ya Hustlers vs Dynasties

After Elections, Hustlers are incited to invade the Kenyatta’s land (a perceived Dynasty), by those in power.
One year down the line, a perceived Dynastic family by the name of Kirima has it’s D!ck out, ready to fcuk the Hustlers, and those in power have said they’ll not interfere.
By now, in one way or another, Uhuru is fully compensated or he is in the process of being compensated.
Those guys in Njiiru will have no recourse. Lesson here, kaa mbali na siasa na wana siasa.


The top dog in that relay calling itself hasora had 10 private choppers worth birrions . Wafuasi kina @Circledot hata condoms za kupachika kwa coomer hawezi afford consistently


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