Hii uliona when? There is a Male Samanta

Sex dolls which ‘go all night’ could replace MEN – as women ‘can’t tell the difference’

BLOKES could be permanently replaced by male sex dolls which are“just as real” and can “go all night”.


But can they wake up that male Samantha at 3 am and say “I gotta question… and don’t lie”
Yah didn’t think so.

And can Samantha call out your names while moaning??

makena ichayo jii

Actually there’s an upgraded version that can

With radical feminism, threat to masculinity, gays, hawa watu tamalisa sisi!

Hizo vitu haziwes sweat, utamu was sex ni ku sweat…

Haziwezi mwaga,utamu wa kujamiana ni kumwaga


“I am supposed to take her back today for testing…” Wata"test" na mboro hao.

How does one ditch 3 billion fuckables then go buy a doll to fuck?

I support