Hii story inanimaliza

@janjaweeds Kuja uone customers wako. This is the best way to get people to stop smoking bhangi, lock them in the same cell as Warunge overnight. Mtu atatoka akiwa ameokoka. LOL. Handshake manenos




how can a weaponless, unfit kid lay hands on a man

After killing 5 people single handedly I hear even the guards are scared he can overpower them. They are handling him in groups. The guy is now the most feared inmate in Kenya.


Hahaha. He really entertained the court. Ningekua judge i would really consider the humor and offer to realese him a free man as long as he agrees to rehab juu ya bangi for 3-6 months

…people take freedom for granted. Instead of making good use of the time and freedom they have wanajifanya wajeuri trying to prove to others how tough they are…Hence the saying you never know what you got until its gone. That man is begging to be set free to work for his two boys… after the great realization that in this world family comes first…

…makosa yake si kubwa…angekubaliwa kifungo cha nje. Bangi hata polisi wenyewe wanatumia

Jamaa aliibiwa hadi trouser. He will never try it again.