Hii story imeniuma siezi imagine what this parents are going through

The government must kick out these foreigners. This is too much. Women should even be on the streets to eject this foreigners.

they’re going through loss, shame, depression, anger, frustration, and disappointment in one instance


Malaya Mzee still thinks it’s the mens fault that little sluts despite what is happening are still tying their luck with their vaginas instead of keeping their legs shuuuuuuuut

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What happens if the head is not found?

…when you say foreigners are you including junguus?

Now that Kenya is visa free expect naijas kwa wingi.

Of course not junguu. I mean Nigerians

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Nigerian ritualists will have a field day,. Their father in law( jambazi sugu) is in Statte House…

They plant a banana stalk as happens in most African cultures. And the murderer is not necessarily Nigerian, could be Arab or even just A lightskin kenyan

Wa nigeria wakienda, the plane to india iwekwe full tank. I fucking hate indians.

And where are they going to find an entire head, and who’s they? And why would they want to find it.

Indians own the Kenyan economy.

Mimi nataka EL Adde Airlines iwekwe full tank kina @Bingwa_Scrotum warudi kwao jangwani back to eating shitt

He looks like a pointee. Nywele ni kama ya muhindi if you zoom in and he wears glasses.

How do you bury someone without a head?