Hii sasa imezidi

5 schools have been burnt today … Kijabe high, Lang’ata high, Ndanai girls, Liani secondary and Ruiga girls …It is getting out of hand now

Matiangi must go

Itierio alone was one too many…

Kids want to burn schools and get an early holiday… It’s that simple because we are dealing with adolescents…

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it is just stupidity this kids have…i dont think its about extension of the terms because th extensions have always been there


Maybe, just maybe, this kids are telling us public school compulsory boarding schools are a 19th century relic that shouldn’t exist in this day and age


them kids need a guillotine


you dont have a kid


Huu ni upuzi wa hali ya juu.


i am almost there

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Woi…are you sure :(.

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Matiang’i lazima amekazia cartel mahali. Just watched checkpoint on KTN and all I could hear is mostly blames against the CS and mostly by the KUPPET guy with no factaul backup. Hiyo cartel inafaa kumulikwa. The law should be enforced indiscriminately and the media should give the enforcement equal prominence to the fires and the fire will subside.


My solution to burning schools issue. Convert each of them to ‘approved schools’. kila shule watoto wafungwe huko 100%. Washike adabu. Unaogopa mocks kitu gani. nkt! Bring back corporal punishment forthwith.


Sure man, something is not right. After hearing some of the changes that Matiangi wants to adopt me thinks that’s where the problem arises from. One of the things that is proposed is competitive appointment of principals. To me that’s where the problem is. The money that these mofos earn from being a school head from school projects, cheating in exams, admitting form ones etc is at stake. So matiangi must be painted as the cause of all these because he is the one enforcing these new rules. So tukichoma shule = matiangi is a failure= he must go home= a new cs who is more lax= people retaining their jobs, the status quo and their cash cows.

Shule zinachomwa vizuuuri kama nyama kwa butchery in such a way there are no casualties??? How???


cc @Wakanyama

We build school labs with the remains of cdf only for them to be burnt down. We uproot railway tracks and burn facilities put in place by nys to ease our miserable life. We burn peoples hard earned properties, loot and smash what we cannot steal. We burn witches, police containers, matatus, heck we even burnt a church and a few homes.
We are primitive and backward and we have passed on the stupidity genes to our kids.


Cartels fighting back for sure . A stupid person will blame matiangi. He is one of the most competent kenyans just behind Njoroge cbk govornor . Even Njoroge when he started cleaning banks what happened ? Cartels started threatening his staff’s lives. Mutungi mentioned about cartels in kenya at one point . It’s them fighting back and if you understand kenyan system well you will wish matiangi to stay


Kenyan Schools, especially primary and secondary, are Mal-adjustment Institutes, in the they are run.
It’s a high time we transform them into Institutes of learning

Angeanza pole pole ku implement a few issues bt umagufuli will mmaliza