Hii pombe hii

Guys I do take beer. Yes I take it almost everyday. Sometimes back we used to go out with mama before tujaliwe mtoto and could drink till 11pm. Unless when watching football with frnds, I limit my self so much from drinking past midnight.

It happened that mama hated clubbing and stopped going out for a drink with me. We started buying some and taking them in the house.

Ilifika a point that hata zile nilikuwa namnunulia zinakaa a week, two, three hadi akaachana nazo. We stopped buying hers and I could only carry with me chupa kiasi tu zangu.

Now since tujaliwe kamtoto she started getting mad nikikunywa kwa nyumba. I stopped and oftenly I’ve been taking my booze out there and leave for home. The problem is now that mama has been too harsh whenever I get home smelling beer. Yesterday I spent the afternoon and some part of the evening drowning some pilsners at Mtwapa. Usiku nikiingia kwa plot nikagonga gate. Asubuhi niliacha caretaker wakiitengeneza. Gari iko na dent saa hadi saa hii sijatengeneza.

Kufika kwa nyumba ilikuwa tu kelele nikiambiwa ona hizi tabia zako za pombe. she openly said it to me…I don’t want to see u drink anymore…and from yester-eve sijaongeleshwa. I left the house in the morning having not spoke a word to each other.

Guys I don’t see myself stopping talking my juices any time soon. I don’t wanna take it like am hiding it from her.
Actually nimetoka kazi saa saba niko hapa Lampenda nikikunywa kiasi as I wait for katumbukiza.

What do I tell her nikifika nyumbani? Does it sound right wife kukukataza pombe? Do I send her favorite friends to tell her awashane na Mimi na fombe zangu? I don’t want to confront her anyway?


nyakundi asikuskie


mwambie muheshimiane awache upusss , wewe si mtoto wake .


caretaker ameitisha ngapi kwa kuharibu gate?


Who’s the man


Boss jikaze and do it on weekends , una waste pesa mingi if it’s daily habit !


Kaeni chini muongee and maybe you will understand her reasoning and for her to also understand why you drink.


You get someone who cares for you and here you are as asking how to go around her.
Did you ever see anyone die because they stopped drinking ?
There a more to life than drinking .
We who don’t drink enjoy life if not more than you who drink .
It’s very embarrassing that you wait to get a threat , yet you saw it coming all this time.
You got a woman who cleaned up her act and wants to move forward as a family , raising your kids but nooooo , you still want to remain at the same point .
Grow up is all I can say.


Hapo ni tricky sana. Eti umesema you used to club together? Inakaa she has began metamorphising. See the trend … from heavy episodic drinker…home drinker… to teetotalism .:D:D And you my friend , it appears you are stuck and not evolving .:(:frowning:


He pays none of my bills.

Sawa ango.

A few browns

So obvious

Najipatanga tu in line of work.

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Kama unagonga gate na gari, you need help. I think you need to take a break from booze.


Sande sana.


Noted too.

To her alidai ni pombe imefanya nikagonga gate but actually it was a totally different mistake away from pombe.

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I think she means well, sometimes wives wanaweza ona kitu and it turns out to be true. Just talk to her muelewane.


Some of the gate in some houses, ferk them man. Hii nyumba naishi the gate opens outward and you are left with a road slightly wider than your car. To make it worse Kuna mama mboga hapo kando. So you are left with a very small road where you are supposed to make an exact 90% degree angle to the right lest you hit the gate. Ferk nimeongelea hii gate sana but I hate it.

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@pamba kuja saidia mlevi mwenzako


Bro the gate incident isn’t the issue here , the drinking is and the lifestyle around it .
Self evaluate , quit that thing , believe me you can .


Uko na bibi mzuri sana. She’ll take you places. Mimi niliambiwa nikitaka niache sawa, nikitaka kunywa hadi nianguke ndani ya mtungi sawa pia. That statement zapped me and although i still partake, i do it nikiwa solo or when we’ve gone out together


My wife dislikes my drinking and drinking buddies with a passion.She always makes it clear that she hates it when am drunk and keeps praying and hoping that one day I will quit but she knows that she will be overstepping the boundaries if she started causing drama or tries to stop me from drinking.Hapo atakuwa amevuka red line ya Ole Lenku.


Hapa iko shida you started off sharing the same vices then katikati she changes and expect you to change hiyo ni upus seems she took alcohol to appease you.

Pungusa pombe atleast weekends apende asipende since umecompromise vitu zingine.


Mathice unataka kupoteza a second wife to a pastor? Wewe ndio ulivuka the red line ya ole lenku with the first wife. Sasa huyu wa pili ukimpoteza itakuwaje? Badilisha mienendo kijana.