Hii pesa mnatoa wapi mtuchanue?


o_Omy account ya daily bread Leo inakaa my shoe size number…

Hii kunguru huwa inafanya kazi gani?

Hizi pesa za county… Slay kwins wana pewa wafiche… Kama sharon… (but sharon tried to be a mjanjres… Hataki kurudisha pesa… Alipewa mbembe)

Pesa zinapotea kwa government ministries end up in accounts of the so called slay queens in Kenya

The DCI should be on her neck if at all she can’t account for this deposit. Aseme pahali hii pesa inatoka

Only a blonde would feel the need to put such info online…sounds fishy too.

Sounds stupid if she can’t account for every cent

Hope analipa tax…

Why are people in this thready so salty though? :D:D

Pot calling kettles black:D:D:D maajabu

Do guys ever think that, that might be a generated text message. You all faaacking gullible.

It’s not salty. If that girl actually posted that, she is as stupid as those slum boys who take photos posing with firearms for street-cred.

All sorts of government beasts will be on your case. Worse, yeye ni mwanamke - kuna wenye hawatatosheka na kumnyang’anya pesa tu :D:D

Why do you care?

Promotions ziku hizi zinalipa ka sijui nini. SMEs and big corporate companies are moving and investing more in digital marketing to reach more customer base. Let’s not forget to celebrities and socialites drama sells (kama size 8 na dj moh, wajesus family kupeana gari na kurudisha tena) sex and nudity sells too (sherlyne anyango) so Unapata celeb ama socialite after drama na nudity ako na followers wengi so analipwa kupost stuff per post (kama 10k kupost umeshikilia chupa ya chrome kupromote chrome that i know) Unapata ana facebook, IG, tiktok, snapchat and what not. Per post, different products/services just imagine atakuwa anapata how much per hour, per day (tax not accounted for)

Food for thought…

Why do you also care that we care?

Just because what she did is stupid [if she actually posted that] it does not mean I care. I don’t remember saying I care and one else said it.

I don’t.

How it is… [ATTACH=full]331650[/ATTACH]