Hii Nyayo Estate iko wapi?

Nyayo estate is probably the most organized middle class estate in Nairobi. The houses, good. The roads, perfect, they are signed too. Their lawns, well done. Security is good, no garbage thrown everywhere, sewers are working as should.Having a constant water supply is where they draw a big fat line. That is not the reason that I am writing about Nyayo today.
You see in Nyayo, a mubaba will have his family living in a mansion on gate A, and a side family living in a flat in gate D, and another whole family just outside gate B. Nyayo is the only estate in Nairobi where the wife will go to pick her daughter from school, only to find her daughter’s twin who she did not birth in the same school. They are age mates, same skin color, same hair type and they probably go to the same same salon. Daddy pays both their fees. They have the same last name, don’t joke with Nyayo, it should be included in the book of records.
Nyayo estate is the only estate in Nairobi, where a man will come home from work, park his car, grab a glass of orange juice from the fridge and casually walk to his clandes house in a pair of shorts and sandals and the wife will suspect nothing. Huh!
Nyayo estate is the only estate where a man will have more two families living within proximity of each other. Welcome to Nyayo estate, the headquarters of fornication in Nairobi. If you live in Nyayo, start looking at your neighbors kids, they could be your husband’s you know.
Nyayo estate is also where wababa rent houses for their side women. Some will furnish secret apartments that they use for fornicating as well as run secret Airbnb. I’m telling you top secret and could go to jail for it.
Turn to your Nyayo neighbors and ask them if they know all their husband’s kids.


Everything you have said is true.Together with NSSF and the estate management we have worked hard to maintain the standardsHowever Airbnbs are not allowed in Nyayo.If you know one secretly message me and i will deal with him.I am a lifetime member of Association of Nyayo Estate Property Owners (ANEPO) courtesy of owning two properties there.


Ingine niliambiwa Iko hivyo ni Lolwe in Kisumu.
Huko naskia mubaba Ako first flor na familia na clande Ako 5th floor. And she is friends with the wife but Goat wife hakui arrangement.

Naskianga kuhama Nyayo lakini hiyo story ya maji ndio haileti shangwe

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Hakuna mtu hu monitor power ya pump ya maji.So una instal pump ya high power.Siku ya maji ukifungulia pump 6am by 630am tank imejaa unazima.

@TrumanCapote we dinywa kwenye unadinywanga…Nyayo estate sithani utapata soko ya kuma mzee

And water? Roads? If Nyayo is the epitome of good life then we have a long way to go

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Enda Kile utakua unabuy maji na baoss daily.

Mi niko Ruaka. No water problem here yet but I can see it coming with all the construction around

Or I could just remain in Ruaka where there are no water problems

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Kuna some lies in there

Water is a small thing if you can have the tank filled once a week.Water comes three times a week.Also you cant compare the level of organisation and the size of the houses to Ruaka.Sorry to say that Ruaka is a slum in comparison.

That might be the only place without water problems in Nairobi. I’ve never seen a problematic place in Kenya than Nrb.

Milaya inatamani nyayo from her bedsitter in korogocho. Kujeni leafy suburbs. Huku hakuna shida ya maji na milaya.