Hii ni ya wapi?

Ama ni zile customised plates?[ATTACH=full]163503[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]163503[/ATTACH]

Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir

Donald Kipkorir

No wonder. It took its left immediately after this signpost

so he finally picked it from RMA…or it had been down for a while (legendary Land Rover unreliability)


What’s RMA?

RMA Motors-Westlands.
Franchise holders for Jaguar Landrover

Whats RMA??Sitaki stories.

Alafu hapo mbele nikapatana na @Okiya omtata; it’s his permanent residence. green emoji

I wonder how much he had to pay to get those customised number plates. Does anybody know?
DBK 007
That lawyer lives the life I wanna live minus the showmanship of course

wewe unakuwanga mjinga sana

Huwa sikatai, what’s RMA?

Last I heard, it was one million

na hii[ATTACH=full]163524[/ATTACH]

Family Planning Class 4

:oops::oops: hiyo ni bei ya Toyota na mtu anarushia serikali? Very impressive.

Guateng Province SA

Hata DT Dobie hatujui na hatusumbui

Gauteng province (johannesburg)