Hii ni starehe kweli? Meet the Carolina Reaper!

Oscar’s Bar serves the hottest gin in the world. You can test your bravery at Stockton, UK, where they serve the Carolina Reaper Pepper, but first you have to sign a legal disclaimer.

[ATTACH=full]160059[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160060[/ATTACH]

Knock yourselves out.

Nitakutuma jehanamu.

You will fart blue flames

What is the reason behind the customer signing that from multiple times?
Ama hawataki those that are already drunk to take the dare>

Curiosity of how hot that pepper is can make some people go through the hustle of signing the forms just to try. Pilipili nisiyoila…

I’d hate to be nearby when the poison exits.

You can sign upto six customers at a time.

Are you slow?

Or retarded?