Hii ni kweli ama ni kuuziwa uoga?


Very true.

How is it likely to end finally. Especially for big time investors who took huge risks in this area of investment?

i would buy a buloti even if its fur flung in the univ-arse,i dont care about the distance,ni yangu

Bubble burst. Losses all over. Demand and supply kicks in. Litigation, auctions price drops rock bottom and cycle continues. The companies always win.

Problem is that real estate in Kenya is the best avenue of cleaning money. And most don’t give a shit whether property value takes a dive. Those caught in between because they foolishly followed the hype will get burnt.

The only issue with real estate is that developers focused on the high end segment, not low end where the real demand for housing is. They wanted easy money where they can sell fewer units for millions without breaking a sweat. This would bite them in the ass sooner or later, that later is now.

Right on the money…



It is just a correction. You cant keep selling overpriced apartments forever. There will soon be many of you, supply will increase and demand will stay the same. The prices will have to be lowered to normal levels not 2X or 3X the construction costs like they used to in the past. Greedy developers are just getting shafted by market forces and if they took loans at high rates, then they might have to sell at a loss or just break even.

I’m attempting to own plots everywhere. I will be like those old Murang’a men who own buildings along Kirinyaga road. Very unassuming when you look at them but ukipewa a list of what he owns unabaki :eek:

So you want to be one of those old men who own lots of property and yet live like paupers. Mtu anadrive mpaka Prado Lakini hata shopping ya nyumbani inafanywa under very tight guidelines. Mwingine sijui kaa ni anko wa @The.Black.Templar niliskia akiteta ati his daughters use too much tissue hata anafikiria wanapeanaga uko inje. Very embarrassing. In other words a stingy rich guy whose story is fabricated in a rags to riches dimension.

No that’s not good to be stingy. By being unassuming I mean you are calm and polite. I didn’t mean you look like a chokoraa
When you have money you have to spend it freely. You hire a nanny for the kids, driver, watchman, and a woman who comes twice a week to clean the rooms and do laundry. The wife is happy, you are happy and life is good

Usinitaje taje hapa priss

Real estate is not very profitable, the huge capital outlay required to put up a few flats here and there would fetch you better returns if invested in other entreprises, for instance a hotel or a dairy farm. Real estate also ties up your money in the long term denying you the chance to move your funds to a more profitable venture when the chance presents itself.

IMO dont use your own cash to up commercial buildings,chukua loan and use your cash in the riskier-high returns entreprises, diversify your portfolio

Well, the Muranga man stereotype doesn’t fit that description in all honesty. I know a couple. They always appear to be spending cash but they are down right stingy. But I get your point

Washana na wasee wa muranga priss